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Harley Hummer

Harley Hummer Photo License

Harley Hummer for Sale plus parts.

The Harley Hummer was actually made from 1955 to 1959 even though all Harley Davidson motorcycles that are American made and two stoke from 1948 to 1966 are called Harley Hummers.

These motorcycles are now collector's items and can be hard to find. While writing this article I checked in eBay and found only one available with 18 bids on it. So if you are interested in buying this hot bike be sure and grab it fast when you find one. However there are a lot of Harley Hummer parts that can be found for restoration in case you are fixing one up.

On this page you will find the Harley Hummer for sale including some history of the bike. Also there are parts like a battery, carburetor and more. When checking I could not find the average speed of this bike. The top searches indicate the 1958 and 1954 models.

A Tall Tale
One day while looking through a neighbors junk pile I noticed an old motorcycle hidden under the pile. I asked him what is was and he replies that it was a Harley Hummer. Being interested I asked him what he would sell it for. He didn't want to sell it but was planning on fixing it up someday. In the mean time it was setting there gathering dust. At least it was in an building and wasn't rusting out.

A couple of months later I came over and checked to see if the bike was still there. It was. So I asked him when he was planning on fixing it. He said that any day now he planned to get to it. Unfortunately that was 5 years ago and the poor bike is still lying there under that junk pile. I can't seem to inspire the neighbor to fix it or sell it so feel sorry for the old motorcycle as it lays there gathering dust. Some person would love to add it to their collection.

Harley Hummer & Parts

Harley Hummer (all models)

Harley Hummer Parts


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