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Antique and Vintage Gas Pumps

Antique and Vintage Gas Pumps Public Domain Photo.

Antique and Vintage Gas Pumps for Sale.

For those who love the old vintage gas pumps this page is the place to be. There are visable gas pumps that still work and reproductions for those who don't want to spend as much money. Gas pump signs are available too.

The gas pump was a fuel dispenser usually at a filling station that was used to pump gas in your car or container

The first gas pump was invented by Sylvanus Browser from Indiana, USA in 1885. Since the car wasn't invented yet this pump was used to fill containers for stoves, lamps and other needs.
Many of these vintage gas pumps had a glass globe on the top that would be filled up first. Once the desired gas was pumped into the globe the gas was then drained into the container or car.

Gas pump nozzles were attached to the pump by horses that made filling the gas tank easier. These nozzles can still be found today. Sometimes parts are missing on the antique gas pumps and can be found here too. Once a gas pump is restored it is worth some money.

On this page you will find antique Gas Pumps for sale. Including vintage old Gas Pump, visable, sign, 1940 Gas Pumps, parts, Phillips 66, reproduction, Bennett, Tokheim, old gas station pumps, nozzle, handles and much more.

More Antique and Vintage Gas Pumps

Antique Gas Pumps

Vintage Gas Pumps

Phillips 66 Gas Pumps

Gas Pump Globes


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