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Monster Trucks

Monster Trucks Bigfoot Monster Truck - Photo used under Creative Commons from daveparker

Monster Trucks are usually made from pick up trucks that are fitted with monster size wheels and especially painted and decorated bodies.
Monster Truck shows are popular and feature these trucks leaping over barriers and crushing smaller vehicles under their huge tires.

Caution needs to be taken at these Monster Truck shows to protect your ears. The noise can get so loud that your hearing may be somewhat diminished after the event. Be sure to pay attention to your kids as they probably won't protect their ears unless you provide earplugs and make sure they use them.

The first Monster Truck to crush vehicles under foot is most likely the Bigfoot. However there are others who debate this and claim that their truck was actually the first. Whoever did it first doesn't matter too much as long as everyone enjoys the show.

More Monster Trucks & Parts

Monster Trucks (all models) 00

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The more modern Monster Truck is similar to an enhanced dune buggy with four wheel drive and giant tires. Dune buggies are made to go over sand dunes and can cross most terrain's. This allows the giant Monster Truck to do tricks and leap or jump over obstructions.

These trucks are made with safety measures to protect the driver and the audience. The most importune is the kill switch, which is provided for the driver to quickly turn off all the electrical power and prevent fire or the truck running into the bleachers in case of accident or a rollover. In fact usually there are at least 3 kill switches so that there will be a switch in reach no matter how the driver is positioned or thrown around from an accident.

On this page you will find Monster Trucks for Sale including mini, 4x4, Dodge, Chevy, custom, Ushra, street legal, vedio or videos, tires and parts.

The contrast between a monster truck and the standard car can be only realized when driving along side of one of them. My mom was on the interstate one day when a truck tried to pass her. Her car was so small that the truck driver didn't see her and stated to pull over into her lane before he had passed her completely. She had to quickly slide over to the shoulder to keep from being run over. Another driver observing the whole thing gave her a look of relief. So be careful and watch out for the smaller cars.

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