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Seaplanes for Sale

Seaplanes for Sale Photo License

Having a seaplane will give you the ability to land on water with no airstrip in sight. An area with lots of lakes is the perfect place to have a float plane and will enable the buying of remote property where the only access is by water.

An Amphibious aircraft is one that can land or take off from water or land. The top photo on this page shows an example of an Amphibious aircraft, the Grumman G-111 Albatross landing in Miami harbor.

Real Seaplanes for Sale

Seaplanes (All types)

Airplanes (all types)


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A Sea Plane usually means an aircraft that is either a floatplane or flying boat. The flying boat is a larger aircraft with the ability to carry large loads. These can land on water using their underbelly as the float. The Grumman shown above is one of these types.
The floatplane usually has skies or pontoons that enable it to land on water.

One drawback to a seaplane is that they need to wait for good water conditions. Waves have to be small or the water pretty smooth. Flying boats can usually handle rougher water.
The Coast Guard is the biggest user of the seaplane because this type of plane is really efficient and the guard can spot and rescue people in water disasters. These seaplanes can carry more passengers than helicopters.
Seaplanes are also used in remote places like Alaska or Canada. Both of these areas have lots of lakes and supplies can be flown to isolated villages and cabins. Some islands also use the sea plane as it is faster than a boat.

On this page you will find all kinds of SeaPlanes for Sale. Grumman, Key West, North Pacific, Dornier, Aviation, Safari and more. Kit sea planes, old, seaplane, jet, used, light, Convair, Cessna 172 amphibian floatplane, Manule float plane, cessna 180, Alaska Floatplanes, Cessna float planes, Taylorcraft, Piper, Seattle, classic, Ultralight Float Plane and more. Seaplane Training can probably be gained at airports near the water like in Miami and Seattle.

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