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Aviation Airport Windsocks

Aviation Airport Windsocks Public Domain Photo

The windsock is used on airports and chemical industrial companies to shown which way the wind is blowing. It also shows whether the wind is blowing hard or light.
Instruments measure actual wind speed but a pilot can get a general idea by watching how the windsock tosses and turns in the wind.
If the windsock is drooping the wind is low, if it is flying horizontally the wind is high.

The wind fills up the wind sock and shows that it is coming from the opposite direction from which the windsock is pointing. If the wind sock is completely filled with air and is extended the wind speed is around 17 mph (28 km/h) or 15 knots. A good windsock should respond to the wind at a minimum of 3 knots or 3.5 mph. (5.6 km/h)
Larger airports will have a light shinning on their windsock so that pilots can see it at night.

On this page you will find Aviation Airport Windsocks for sale.

Plus instructions for making a windsock, Wind sock Poles, Industrials wind socks and pole, wholesale and inexpensive windsocks and pattern.

My sister and husband are pilots so I know the importance of a windsock especially at the smaller airports. One time a friend of my sister's was trying to land on his own dirt airstrip that was covered with snow. One of his wheels touched the snow and dropped beneath the hard crust covered the snow causing the plane to flip over. Luckily he was unhurt and just crawled out. He probably had to get help in getting his plane righted again. This doesn't have much to do with windsocks but most pilots enjoy stories like this so it was included.

If you want to have your own airstrip you can purchase inexpensive land out in eastern Oregon especially around Klamath Falls. The sun shines most of the time so there is a lot of good flying weather, just watch out for hard snow covered airstrips.

On a side note my sister who is a pilot, related an experience to me about when she was taking off from some large airport. She had a close call when gaining attitude from the airport as another larger passenger type of jet suddenly roared over the top of her just missing her plane. She didn't know why the tower wasn't watching and let another aircraft take off right after her but was really thankful no one got hurt. So be careful and don't depend on the tower watching out for you. Keep a sharp watch for yourself.

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