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Collectible Teapots

Collectible Teapots Appletree Design Barn Yard Cow Teapot

Collectible Teapots for sale.

When I was little I really enjoyed listening to the song, I'm a little Teapot. I would play it over and over again, which probably drove my mother up the wall. Since then I have always liked teapots and am delighted to write an article on them.

Teapots are used mainly for making tea but small ones can be used to hold liquids like milk for your postum and non-caffeine teas. I always use non-caffeine tea and hot drinks as caffeine is really bad for your health.
Most of the time when I would use a teapot it was only used for the hot water for tea, postum and hot chocolate. I usually bought the instance drinks that only required hot water added. However many combine the tea leaves and water and use a strainer to keep the leaves inside. I have boiled mint leaves and had my own garden of them at one time. Actually the mint grew wild in the garden area and I would only have to go out and gather them to make tea.

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The Chinese used to drink the tea directly from the spout. Since the liquid is hot it is probably all right to use this method and still avoid germs. In England tea drinking was only for the upper class as tea was very expensive.

On an interesting side note the term Chocolate teapot means a "useless item." Meaning that you can not use a teapot make from chocolate, as it would melt when heated. Groups have tried to make a chocolate teapot and one actually was successful in 2008. The group "The Naked Scientists" found out that you could actually heat water in this pot if the sides were over 1 centimeter thick of chocolate. They probably had melting but could heat the tea in time before it completely melted a hole in it and spilled the tea.

On this page you will find them for sale plus Ceramic, clear glass, novelty, cheap China, Travel Buddy, English, antique, pumpkin, Chinese, cast iron, cat, Royal Albert, silver, Sadler tea pot and much more.

The book to the right of this article teaches you how to make these neat collector's items. If you could make your own you could start your own business. Sell at your own at shop along the tourist routes or place them in other shops for a commission.

Research would need to be done to find out the correct type of rock and how to shape them but this book should include all that. Yours would be special because they would be handmade instead of machine made like so many other replica ones.

Many tourists don't mind how they are made as long as they have one and the replica ones are much cheaper then the genuine. Plus yours are hand made which will increase the value. This seems like a enjoyable home business.

Making your own can turn into quite a good business. This could be part of what will make you independent and giving you the ability to leave the rat race.

Instead of the traditional teapot why not consider something unique? These would add color and interest to your tea time and visitors would love to comment on them and this would be a conversation starter for those who need one.

This novelty cupcake one shown in the photo is really cute and I would like one this nice in my kitchen. It looks almost good enough to eat and would enhance any tea party.

The Chinese had really small teapots so that each person could have their own. At their parties the person was expected to drink out of the spout.

These were great occasions to visit and get to know your neighbors and entertain family.

I would be grumpy too if I was an onion. Also smelling bad and making people cry would ruin anyone’s day. However for all their gumpyness these tea pots are cute and collectible just as long as your tea doesn’t take on the taste of an onion.

My grandmother grew mint plants to make into tea. We would boil the mint leaves and pour out the water into our teacups and add honey and creamer or milk and it was wonderful. I would like to get some of these plants so I can drink this tasty mint tea again.

This tea pot was made between 1983 and 1992. Each part of this pot tells a story. The dice on the handle is to represent risk and the lightning bolt handle to represent the energy that is captured. This pot was to display the risk from using nuclear energy.

Nuclear energy is risky so it would be good to continue to the goal of finding useable energy that would not hurt the environment. However even wind and solar isn’t kill free of birds that fly through the area. So the best solution is to product the energy that harms the least amount of the earth.

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