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Kitchen Curtains

Kitchen Curtains Apple Orchard 5 Piece Cottage Kitchen Curtain

Kitchen Curtains for Sale.

Beautiful curtains can brighten up your kitchen and add to the décor making this room pleasant to work and eat in. Kitchen Curtains block the light and give privacy.

A curtain can make or break the beauty of your kitchen and give the overall appearance a homey feel.

The sheer curtain allows the light to come while giving some protection from the sun. Curtains can add to the theme of your kitchen like color or type. Examples of nice curtains would be Country, Tuscan, rustic or even rooster themed.

Kitchen curtains can be modern or vintage, or plaid or any other theme that can be thought of. They can be found with cute patterns like strawberries and other fruits and critters like chickens and cats. Vintage curtains can give your kitchen a retro feel and match whatever theme you want it to be.

On this page you will find these sale including country, Tuscan, Tier, Waverly, colorful, rustic, discount, Tuscany, modern, plaid, winery, rooster, French, lace, sheer, strawberry, yellow, retro, vintage, rods, patterns rod and oil ribbed bronze and more.

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A lot more Kitchen Curtains

Country Kitchen Curtains

Tuscan Kitchen Curtains

Rustic Kitchen Curtains

Rooster Kitchen Curtains

Chicken Kitchen Curtains

Retro Kitchen Curtains

Vintage Kitchen Curtains

Geese Kitchen Curtains

Gingham Country Curtains

Southwestern style Kitchen Curtains

Fruit Kitchen Curtains

Cow Kitchen Curtains

French Country Kitchen Curtains

Ruffled Country Curtains

Ridgewood Country Curtains

Farmhouse Country Curtains

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A Tall Tale

There is a joke that the two brothers who invented the subject of this page were named Curt and Rod. I know it was a lame joke but it did make me laugh.

One day while working in the kitchen I noticed that the curtain was falling down because it was getting so old and worn. It was time to get a new one. Putting it on my list I planned to pick something up next time I went to town.

That evening my husband and I were sitting at the dinner table when a motion at the window caught my eye. I looked but didn't see anything. It must be because the drape was not covering the window and it just looked different that made me think I was seeing something. Anyway I didn't take it too seriously.

Our dinner was almost over when a motion again caught my attention. My husband James was facing away from the window and could not verify that there was something moving out there. He also didn't take it very seriously because we lived pretty far out and had a gate across the driveway, which greatly narrowed down the chances of anyone coming around.

I had been pushing for a dog as a companion for my walks and as a guard around the place that would give an alarm if anyone came around. I took this opportunity to remind James that I would not be worried if we had a dog because the dog would not let anyone around without our knowing about it.

Maybe it was a peeping Tom that was taking advantage of the sagging drape and the darkness outside. Anyone could peer in and see what we were doing with no covering on the window.

Finally to make me happy James decided to go out side to check it out. I told him to sneak out the back and come around to the front. That way he could catch whoever was out there without scaring them away by opening the front door. Quietly opening the back door James disappeared into the night. I stayed in the kitchen to keep any peeping Tom from getting suspicious. Suddenly a loud crash sounded outside the window and I could hear James yelling.

I ran for the front door turning on the porch light as I flew out. It must be a robber and James was probably fighting with him right now. I should have brought a broom or something to wrack the bad guy on the head to help defend James!

As my eyes adjusted to the outdoors I could see James standing outside the kitchen window. Where was the robber or peeping Tom I asked? James laughed. It was a masked peeping Tom all right of the raccoon kind. The raccoon was climbing around the window after some grapes that had gotten away and growing up the outside wall. When it saw James it crashed down and rushed off with James yelling in hot pursuit. He hoped to scare it badly enough to stay away.

I was a little deflated but was glad that we did not have to wrestle with a real robber who could have hurt us. I had better go shopping tomorrow to replace the sagging drape and keep this from happening again. However the dog was still on the list. Next time it could be a real peeping Tom.

Susan Dietel
Web Programmer
Email: susansdesign@yahoo.com

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