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Antique Radio Camera Vintage Postcards kodak How to Beat Depression

Antique Kodak Cameras

Antique Kodak Cameras Antique Kodak Box Camera with all the Accessories - Photo License

Vintage and Antique Kodak Cameras for Sale.

The Eastman Kodak Camera Company has its headquarters in Rochester New York. George Eastman started the company in 1889. Kodak was considered one of the best quality camera producers until the digital age put it out of business. The company was slow to see the digital change and could not catch up once it started to happen. However vintage and antique Kodak Cameras are still valued and sought after by collectors.

As a child I had an old box camera that I loved to play with. It actually worked and took black and white photos. I wish I still had the camera because it probably would be worth quite a bit by now if I had kept it in good shape.

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Antique Kodak Cameras (all models)

Vintage Kodak Cameras

Brownie Cameras


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Collector's Guide to Kodak Cameras and More

Kodak produced one of the first cameras in 1888. It was the box style that so may people still love today. It could take 100 pictures on one roll of film and made it possible for anyone to be an amateur photographer. Now family happenings could be recorded with just a push of a button. Everyone wanted one and business boomed. This started a trend that still continues today.

These old vintage Kodak cameras and the parts to fix them up are in much demand. On this page you will be able to find a list of really rare Kodak cameras for sale besides other vintage Kodak cameras and parts

Also on this page you will find antique and old vintage ones for sale including the history of these plus parts, replacement eyepiece, value and batteries, strap, battery, the first one in history including the inventor and more.

Having the skills to make a beautiful product is something most people would benefit from. This can be a back up in case you need to support yourself in this way or just be a gratifying hobby on the side. Both men and women can learn how to work in the shop.

On a side note I was talking a walk yesterday and noticed that a man had both his son and daughter helping him in his business in building a home for someone. The girl was up there on the ladder using the nail gun and was working as much as the son. Maybe she planned to be a carpenter like her dad or was just earning some extra money for the summer but wherever the reason the skills she learns will be valuable in fixing up her own home someday. She might know more about it than her husband once she is married.

Working with your hands will give you the satisfaction of supporting yourself and your family from your own business. Or this business can be something you do on the side to supplement your income. Also hobby work to make gifts for family and friends is highly enjoyable.

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