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Motorcycle Trikes

Motorcycle Trikes Public Domain Photo Motorcycle Trikes for Sale.

This type of Motorcycle has three wheels usually two in back and one in the font. The tadpole trike has two wheels in the front, which gives the motorcycle better stability while braking. This also guards against rolling and tipping over.

These are also popular for the great look and balance it has over the regular motorcycle. They can carry multiple passengers and can avoid most helmet laws. Most of the them are custom made and look really cool after completion.

You can acquire these from motorcycle tricycle companies like Piaggio Ape, Can Am Spyder and others. The Can Am Spyder is a type that has the two wheels in the front. A 2008 model is shown here to the left. To see a closer picture click on the photo license link.

Motorcycle Trike Photo license

This 3 wheeled roadster is similar in design to a snowmobile in the way the wheels are placed. It comes with good traction and stability and has antilock brakes. In most of the United States it is licensed as a motorcycle.

On this page you will find these for sale. Plus plans, kits and more.

Used and custom three wheel conversions. Harley, Goldwing, Honda for sale and kit or conversion plans to build. Used and new, three wheeler tricycle or tricycles.

Our home is situated in a beautiful valley and the road in front of our place is a favorite of touring vehicles. It isn't unusual to see a long line of vintage cars or motorcycles slowly driving past. When I am out for a walk my arm gets tired of waving to so many.
I am sure that motorcycles Trikes have been some of the tours that drive past. These bikes always catch my attention and because they look so interesting.

Motorcycle Trikes for Sale

Motorcycle Trikes (all models)

Motorcycle Trike Trailers


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A Tall Tale
One day while out taking my walk I heard a bunch of motorcycles coming up behind me. Moving over to give them plenty of room they started to pass me and then I noted that they were all the three-wheel verity. There was probably about 30 or more of them as they continued on past me. Most of them waved and I found my arm getting tired from all the waving back.

Then one slowed down and stopped beside me. The guy was a big fellow and motioned toward his seat in the back and offered me a ride. The seat was the type where I could hang on to it instead of the driver so on a whim I hoped on board. Off we went and I hoped that I had made the best decision but he seems to be really friendly.

The whole group continued to wind through the hills and valleys surrounding our place until they came back to where I had been offered a ride. By then I felt part of the group and was reluctant to get off. Thanking my kind friend for the ride I continued to wave to them as they roared off down the road. That was fun and made me wish to get my own machine.

A Tall Tale of Black and White Proportions
For a fun adventure I decided to prepare my motorcycle for a long trip, riding from Wisconsin to Arizona to visit my family. I spent a couple weeks preparing my bike and getting everything ready.

My trips are always on the cheap so I had a tent and sleeping bag to avoid any motel expenses.
The first day went well as I passed towns, cities and enjoyed the scenery. Toward evening about two hours before dark I found myself in an area of farms and fields. It was time to find a good spot to bed for the night.

Since most of my travel was on secondary roads it was easy to discover places that I could hide out for the night. Seeing a dirt road I turned on to it and slowing drove while watching for a good place to stop.
There it was! There was a grassy meadow with plenty of trees. Pulling off I walked my bike to a clump of trees and on the other side was a great spot well hidden from the road.

There I set up camp. Once my tent was set up with the sleeping bag unrolled inside I turned my attention to something to eat. My road food was bagels, apples and trail mix. That morning at home I had a prepared a hearty meal of pancakes and eggs to last me all day. Now the road food would get me by until I arrived at my parents and they always fed me really good.

Sitting on a log beside my tent eating my road food made me feel content. Here I was already a good third of the way and my only expenses were gas and some oil. Of course I always factored in wear and tear from the road for any trip.

As the sun was just about ready to disappear on the horizon I brought in the rest of my gear inside the tent and crawled into my bag. Life was good, I thought as I dozed off to sleep.

Something woke me up. I was instantly alert. I could hear something walking outside in the dark. Grabbing my flashlight and my gun I waited to see what might develop. Would the intruder take my bike or was he after something else?

Deciding that laying here was not profitable I slowly eased out of my sleeping bag and edged toward the zippered door of my tent. The screen was zipped all the way up but the covering over that was just part way closed so I peered out in the night. Whoever it was didn't have a light and was just walking around in the dark.

I could hear the clump clump of the feet, or wait a minute, that actually sounded like hooves. Deciding that it would be safe to shine my flashlight I turned it on and looked out. I almost jumped out of my skin as the light shone on a face about two feet from me. The eyes were solemn and the tongue was licking itself on the nose. Yes, it was a cow. The cow was a basic black and white Holstein and didn't seem to be impressed that I was there in her field, so she turned away and walked off leaving me looking foolish with my light and gun.

Going aback to sleep I decided not to be in such haste next time to panic and I made myself feel better by figuring that most others finding themselves alone on the road, especially the first time, would be super vigilant too.

The next morning all was fine except for a cow pie alarming close to my bike. I moved the bike out of the way and loaded it for the day. After eating a small breakfast I then continued on my way. My trip took almost three days and I arrived safely at my folks. It was a fun vacation.

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