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Motorcycle Trunks

Motorcycle Trunks A removable Motorcycle Trunk - Photo license

Motorcycle Trunk
VIP, Kappa, Tour, Harley Davidson, Kawasaki and much more Motorcycle Trunks for sale.

A Motorcycle Trunk is a storage container that usually fits behind the seat and gives added storage for trips and carrying tools. The trunk can be part of the motorcycle or a removable trunk that can be taken off when extra storage isn't needed. The Motorcycle Trunk storage container and can be in addition to panniers or saddlebags or even replace them.

Motorcycle Trunks make good backrests for the passenger and doesn't take a lot of room. It will make possible a long trip when you need someplace to hold all your travel gear. The trunk can be an after market part or bought from your local motorcycle shop or store. Harley Davidson, Kawasaki and others make these trunks for their bikes. A after market trunk may be cheaper but probably won't have the model logo on it.

These trunks can be found that open from the side, and extra large from 40 to 50 liters or even more larger for those who needs lots of storage. They can be removable or part of the original bike, leather or a sturdy box type.
On this page you will find Motorcycle Trunks for Sale. VIP, 40, 50 liter, Kappa 48, Tour pack, Harley Davidson, Side Opening, Kawasaki, luggage, Extra large, Honda Pacific Coast, leather, Givi, VIP, motorcycle trunk.

A couple years ago my husband Jim and I went for a ride on his father's motorcycle. I sat behind him and held on tightly. However the seat was good and I felt totally supported. We were exploring some of the roads near Cottonwood Arizona and found a unique town on the side of a pretty steep hill. This town could be seen from a distance and looked like it would fall off if there were a hard earthquake. We enjoyed exploring it and thoroughly enjoyed the ride getting there.

A lot more Motorcycle Trunks

Motorcycle trunks

40 Liter Motorcycle Trunks

50 Liter Motorcycle Trunks

Extra Large Motorcycle trunks

Givi Motorcycle Trunks

Harley Davidson Motorcycle Trunks

Kawasaki Motorcycle Trunks

Leather Motorcycle Trunks

Motorcycle Trunk Case

Removable Motorcycle Trunks

Side Opening Motorcycle Trunks

Tour Pack Motorcycle Trunks

VIP Motorcycle Trunks

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