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Free Printable Greeting Cards

Free Printable Greeting Cards On this page you will find Free Printable Greeting Cards to use for birthday, Christmas or any other occasion.

Some are funny and some serious so you should be able to find the perfect card for the friend or family member that has an important day. Make your own greeting cards by printing out what you find online or purchase any of these programs that are offered. The advantage of having your own program is that you can make them from your computer and add what you want. This makes them more personable.

The photo to the left shows a card that my wife made for her father. You can see all three of us. My wife and I are from a different photo than the one showing my father-in-law. His photo was sharper, while ours was a little fuzzy compared to him, but once the card was printed out you could hardly tell the difference and he didn't realize that it came from two photos. My wife used a Photo Shop program to put us all together then used a card program to make this card.

You don't need to tweak your photos to use them in a card but it is nice to be able to crop or fix them up the way you want before using them.

Hallmark Card Studio Free Printable Greeting Cards

We have used our program to make dozens of cards for birthdays, weddings and anniversaries and other special occasions.
One of the last ones that we made was for a friends graduation. The friend was the flower girl for our wedding and we included a photo of her from our wedding on the card. She really appreciated the picture and said that she didn't have any photos of herself as a child. This made the card special and will cause it to be valued over many of the other cards she received.

The art of making your own cards adds to the value and you can make them personable by photos and what you say. My mother-in-law likes to hang her homemade cards from us on her wall because they include photos of her and us and are more special than the ones you might find from the store.

The only cards we usually don't make are ones for funerals. These need to be more solemn and the homemade card might not be as appropriate. However if it is tastefully done, even a whole made card with the deceased persons photo on it may be really special to the grieving relative. So this needs to be something you put a lot of thought into. If you can make the card special there is no reason why it can't be homemade. But if not go buy one instead.
One time my wife made a homemade card for her dad for father's day. She found a old black and white photo of her as a two or three year old child sitting in a small chair pretending to read a book while her dad sat in the background reading one of his books. The photo was special and made the homemade card special too.

So no matter how you do it, either from the free places online or your own purchased program your cards can be made personable and bring joy to others.

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Free Greeting Cards

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