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Free Printable Paper Christmas Ornaments

Free Printable Paper Christmas Ornaments Martha Stewart Crafts Aspen Ornament Double Punch

On this page you will find a lot of free printable paper Christmas ornaments. Fun for the whole family and different types to choose from so everyone will be happy.
Also find ornament kits and more.

The photo here shows an easy way to make paper ornaments. You just choose the color of paper you want and punch out the ornament. Plus there are more designs offered at the link. You could get several and each year have a fun family time making these to decorate your tree.
Your family will appreciate the tree better if what is on it is handmade by you and the kids. You can also add the lights and glitter but the rest would look great if it were something you made all together.

Making your own can be fun and will bring your family and friends together at Christmas time. The photo here shows ones that were made from discarded books and throwaway papers. These make nice designs and adds color to your tree.

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Here are the Free Printable Paper Ornaments

Crafts for kids Christmas

Noella Designs

Scissor Crafts

Free Printable Christmas Cutouts and Christmas Card Decorations

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I can remember as a child making handmade things for our tree. There was the handprint made out of play dough and the popcorn strung on a thread. I can remember tasting the popcorn after the holiday was over and being surprised that is tasted stale and flat. I had figured that it would have lasted longer than that and maybe would be good to eat so that it would not go to waste. When I was about eight or nine years old I remember a traumatic incident that happened while playing with the neighbor kids. If I remember it right we had made some paper crafts and one little girl made a star that she put on the top of a stick. Later we were playing at stirring a pot of pretend soup or something similar and another child handed me a stick to stir. I don't know if it was on purpose but as I stirred and brought the stick out of the pretend soup it was discovered that the star craft was on my stick. The child that had made it was really mad and accused me of ruining her artwork. I probably tried to explain but it ended up with me being sent home by the other kids for ruining the star.

Most of us have traumatic events and this was one I never forgot. I wonder how this stick was first used to stir the soup and if the one using it had realized what she had done and quickly passed it on to me to cover up her mistake.

If this was the case she probably never forgot it too and probably feels bad about the incident. The best thing to do when you remember how you have hurt someone in the past is to repent and ask forgiveness of God. We always hurt God whenever we harm someone else so our repentance should be to Him first. Then if you ever get the chance to apologize to the other person do so. However be careful to apologize only if the other person knows it was you who did that to them. If it was anonymous then apologize anonymously.

A good example of that was when I was a child and stole a stamp from the local store. It was one from a bag of old stamps. It probably wasn't worth very much but later on as an adult I knew I needed to make it right. Since I stole it anonymously I decided to apologize anonymously. This is how I did it.

I found the stores address and wrote them a letter explaining the situation. I did not have a return address on it and did not sign my last name. Then I enclosed a dollar with it to more than cover what was stolen. The stamp was probably worth about one penny but we need to return anything we steal with interest whenever we can.
I sent off the letter and immediately the burden was lifted. This makes good therapy for any who are burdened by their past deeds. Sometimes a person can never repay what was stolen because they would never make enough to cover it. In that case repay what you can and leave the rest in God's hands. An example would be a bank robber who spent the money and is throw in prison for many years. He may never be able to return the money.

Here are many free Printable Paper Christmas Ornaments that you can make that will be fun for the whole family. I can remember as a child making my own for our tree. We make paper chains and used different colors that enhanced the end product. Popcorn was strung on threads and other crafts made that caused the tree to be really beautiful in our eyes. It might not have been as pretty as the neighbors store bought shinny made theirs but the pride we took decorating our tree made up for any difference in looks. Our tree gave us much more satisfaction then if we had bought the decorations.

The photo shown here is a 3D Kirigami snowflake. This was made from scraps and is a good use of paper that would otherwise get throw away. Snowflakes are fun to make and look really nice on your tree.

Here is an ornament double punch from Martha Steward. This makes the job easy and even kids can do it with ease. Notice how the punch just pops them out and all you have to do is to hang them on the tree.

You can use different colors of paper to have a rainbow color of ornaments all over your tree. This is a great craft for kids. Making your own ornaments is always preferable over the store bought kind.

The photo above show these crafts made from old books and papers. Make a use out of these things instead of throwing them away. Recycling has gained traction as more people want to preserve the environment and keep the earth clean and prevent landfills from becoming larger. Using recycles for Christmas tree decorations is a small part but everything helps.

Making paper ornaments can be a fun project for school. Teachers supply the materials and the kids go to work.

From paper chains to elaborate creations the finished product will be proudly brought home to add to the family Christmas tree.

On this page you will find Paper Ornaments that are free and others that you can purchase. Whatever you are looking for should be found here.

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