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1967 Camaro

1967 Camaro Photo used under Creative Commons from bsabarnowl

1967 was the first year that this great car was produced. It came as a two-door coupe or could be bought as a convertible. Options were available like engine types and transmissions.

The 1967 Camaro had several varieties like the RS, which included concealed head lights and lights that would come on when backing up. The next variety was the SS, which had nice stripes and extra power in the engines. Then the Z28 was part of the Trans Am classification and had great power and two big stripes down the middle of the hood.

These cars were all USA built and had the quality one would expect from these great vehicles. Now the 67 Camaro is a collector's item and is great fun to drive and has the ability to make heads turn.

1967 Camaro Horn Button Installation can be found at this link. You should find the help you need to install a horn successfully at this forum. 1967 Camaro Horn Install

1967 Camaro Photo used under Creative Commons from Motor74

A Tall Tale - Mystery in the Desert

One time while driving out in the Arizona desert my wife and I came across a beautiful red 1967 Chevrolet Camaro just sitting in the road. No one seems to be around so we stopped to admire the car. It was shiny and red just like the one shown in the photo along side this article.

Coming close we peered through the windows but didn't see anyone or anything to indicate that someone might have been around. The doors were locked up tight and everything seemed to be in order.

This stretch of road was pretty deserted so we concluded that maybe the drive had broken down and started to walk. Getting back into our car we drove for about ten miles farther down the road expecting to see someone walking that we could pick up and help out but didn't come across anyone. Turning around we headed back to the car to check it out some more but when we arrived back where we had found it, it was gone. Maybe the driver was just taking a short walk to admire the scenery off road somewhere or was answering a call of nature and was watching us from behind some bushes to see what we would do. Whatever it was it will stay a mystery.

1967 Camaro for Sale and Parts

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1967 Camaro for Sale

1967 Camaro

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