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Help Others

I have personally looked into these charities and can vouch for them. I have donated to some and don't receive any commission from them. Susan Dietel - Webmaster

International Justice Mission

The International Justice Mission rescues girls that have been trafficked and abused. They also help in other areas like protecting the poor from violence, rescue victims, bring criminals to justice and help the survivors to rebuild their lives. This is a worthy mission to help. You can donate or even get involved and join the team.   Click on Banner!

Gospel Ministries International

Here you can either volunteer and/or donate funds.
Gospel Ministries International is a faith-based, volunteer-driven organization which seizes opportunities to carry God's love, through sacrifice, to the world. Education, prison ministry, health care and care for the abandoned and needy are some of its priorities, while utilizing technology such as aviation and mass media to leverage the impact and influence of its mission. GMI has been a completely faith-based organization from the start.
Gospel Ministries International   Click on Banner!

Light Bearers Ministry

Light Bearers Ministry is dedicated to sending out literature all over the world to spread the Good News about Jesus   Click on Banner!

The 1888 Message Study Committee

The 1888 Message Study Committee is dedicated to bringing back the true message of righteousness by faith to the churches. Once this message is received it will go out and spread throughout the world speeding up Christ's return.   Click on Banner!

Orphans International Helpline

In Haiti, children who are unable to find someone to help them live a miserable existence. Five or six year old children walk down the street holding a plate and begging for food just to survive. There is no one to care for them. One in four children die before age five because food is scarce and diseases run rampant among the children.
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ADRA International works in over 120 countries, bringing relief and development to mankind regardless of ethnic, political or religious affiliations.  Click on Banner!

International Children's Care

International Children's Care (ICC) is a worldwide collection of individuals who have a passion for creating families for orphaned or abandoned children. In 1976, a tragic earthquake left countless children in Guatemala City orphaned. ICC founders, Ken & Alcyon Fleck, determined to restore the love of a family to these children struck by utter devastation. Since that time, thousands of children from around the world have been embraced into our family.  Click on Banner!


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