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Detailed Geometric Coloring Pages

Detailed Geometric Coloring Pages Photo License

Detailed Geometric Coloring Pages. Free printable pages too.
The Geometric design is a mathematical design made up of figures and shapes. These designs are fun to color and the finished product is nice enough to hang on your wall. The more detailed the design the more challenging it is to color and have it come out looking really cool.

The history of geometry can be raced back to Mesopotamia and Egypt in the second millennium BC and was probably used in astronomy, construction, surveying and other activities.
Thales of Miletus from the seventh century was a mathematician and used geometry to find the height of building and he figured out a way for sailors to measure the distance from their ships to the shore.

These could teach your children the love of math. As they color in the different shapes and designs and see the beautiful structure it can distill a love of detail and order. Math has that order and if your children are exposed to it early it may keep them from feeling the typical dread of math that so many other kids feel.

On this page you will find Detailed Geometric Coloring Pages and books. Also included is a section that has links to free Geometric Coloring Pages for kids, older kids and adults. Geometric art designs and patterns to color.

Free Geometric Coloring Pages
Free printable geometric coloring pages for kids and adults at these links:

Color Pages for Mom

Free geometric coloring pages for kids

Free printable geometric coloring pages

Geometric Coloring Pages


A Tale Tall

My kids loved to color but in order to make it educational I like to sneak in great designs like what is shown on this page. They are highly receptive to them and have a lot of fun making them really colorful.

It isn't just for the kids but I enjoy these too. Once a picture is all colored it is temping to hang it on the refrigerator right along with the kid's works of art. I put a lot of work into it and it made me proud to see how nice it looked afterwards.
So one day I did and put my artwork up too. The kids thought it was great that mine was besides theirs and if any company came, well they would probably just think the children did it.

However it did not work out as well as planned. Next time we had company the kids were proud to show off my work too. I was a little embarrassed and said something along the line of just trying to be a good example to the children. But the company may have seen through my cover up. However I probably won't stop displaying my art because it seems such a waste to put in all the work and never show it.

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