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Used Fire Trucks

Used Fire Trucks Photo used under Creative Commons from Ed Uthman

Used Fire Trucks for Sale including antique and more. Fire Trucks are used to carry fire fighters, water and equipment to a fire that needs to be put out. These trucks range from the small ones that are used only for fire fighting to big rescue vehicles.

From my own experiences I have seen fire trucks come to my home for several reasons ranging from an actual fire to a medical emergency. One of the fires at our home resulted from my electric fence that rubbed against sagebrush and caught fire. It was a good thing that we were home and that it happened during the day. The fire started at the bottom of the hill and was heading up toward the house. Between the house and the fire was the barn and several dogs that were in the large acre size electric fence enclosure. When we saw smoke and called the fire department, several trucks roared up to our home and quickly put out the grass fire.

Another time that fire trucks came to our place was from friends who owned a wildland fire fighting business.

They sometimes came to practice fire-fighting techniques. We owned 9.6 acres and it gave them a place to train their crew.

One time they were practicing by burning off some of the brush. After they left for the day I noticed smoke rising up and called them. They rushed back with lights blazing and put the fire out for good.

Fire trucks don't come only for a fire. One time my mother wasn't feeling well and passed out. She was not breathing. I lifted up her head (she was sitting in a chair) and she started to breathe again and I ran for the bucket because she was ready to throw up. As soon as she was done I called 911 and fire trucks were among the many vehicles crowding my driveway. I didn't mind a bit. My mother went to the hospital and is now fine but has to have a pacemaker.

On this page you will find them for sale. Pierce fire truck, blanket trucks, KME, parts, old engines and sales.

More Used Fire Trucks for Sale

Used Fire Trucks for Sale

Pierce Fire Trucks

Antique Fire Trucks for Sale

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Fire trucks can be used for putting out fires but the antique small ones look great in any parade. The one in this photo is probably one from the local fire department and it is expected they will be involved in any town parades.

Getting a new truck can be terribly expensive so getting a used one in good condition is an excellent option. Look for used ones that will fit your budget.

Now this one in the photo above looks like it is used for parades and not for putting out fires. However I might be wrong. It looks in good condition and could really be in service.

My best friendís sister Theresa ran a forest fire fighting business with her husband Jess. One time they were fighting a forest fire and some of the crew got trapped behind the lines. They called for help and everyone hesitated because the blaze had closed in and there was no way to get through.

However Jess didnít wait but he and a friend jumped into one of their trucks and raced to the trapped men. To keep from being burned they kept the hose spraying up and over the vehicle while they drove through the conflagration. The tires and the logos on the sides of their rig started to melt. However they pushed through and found the lost crew and quickly loaded them in with them.

Driving as fast as they could while keeping the water spraying over their rig they made it back out to the cheers of the other crew members. Jess was a hero and they gave him their thanks. This was their finest moment.

This one in the photo above is really an antique. It is probably from the 1920ís and probably isnít used for real work.

Jess the forest fighter had another experience. Jess and Theresa liked to bring their crew to practice on our property. The men and women would dig the correct type of paths that would leave nothing burnable behind and one day for more practice they decided to burn the sagebrush on the backside of our hill.

After they finished up and left I went out to check on my animals. To my dismay I smelled smoke and saw that the hill was on fire again. A hot spot was missed and the fire was fast approaching the barn.

Running back to house we called Jess and he and his crew jumped into their trucks and raced back to our property with their lights flashing. Happily they were in time and got the blaze out and made sure that this time they didn't miss any more hotspots.

On this page you should be able to find what you are looking for.

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