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1957 Chevy

1957 Chevy Photo used under Creative Commons from KaliTipps

1957 Chevy's comes in three different models. The Bel Air, Two Ten and the One Fifty. The Bel Air was produced from 1950 to 1975 and was the big deluxe model.

The Two Ten was a middle-sized car and the 1953 and 54 models were really popular and out sold most other Chevrolet cars. This was because the price was better then the full sized vehicles without sacrificing luxury. The One Fifty was the saving model for those who didn't have or want to spend big bucks on their vehicle. But this didn't stop it from being bought up for police and government cars. This was a practical car that got you around and still looked good.

The 57 Chevy almost didn't happen as the company wanted something entirely new for that year but because of delaying on the part of manufactures the car was made for another year.

What made this car special from earlier models was the added chrome, modern dashboard and other features that made this car hot to buyers then and for collectors now.

1957 Chevy Photo used under Creative Commons from Peter Van den Bossche

A Spooky Tall Tale

Something odd was happening at the neighbors. They had just moved in a couple of months ago and they were hauling boxes from their house and loading it on their pick up and taking them away. Their prize 57 Chevy was setting outside with a sign in French that said, "sell."

Finally curiosity got the best of me and I sent my brave husband over to see what was happening. My husband James was really outgoing and would have gotten to know the neighbors really quickly if they were the type to be outdoors. But they kept to themselves and rarely ventured out of doors so it was hard to be friends with them.

However right now they were coming and going all-day so James wandered over and caught the man of the house as he was loading more stuff on his pickup. First he asked about the car for sale and wanted to know more information about it. They talked car for awhile before the reason why they were selling came up.

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The neighbor said that they had found a place they liked better so were moving right away. The mother and kids were already in their new home. It was odd that they were moving so soon after buying this place so James asked why. The man hesitated for a moment and then said that the place was haunted. Most every night they could hear strange sounds coming from the attic. Moaning and carrying on and they were not going up there to find out the reason. No, instead they were out of there and never wanted to see this place again.

It wasn't very long before they had moved away but their car was still out in the yard with the sign on it. By then new neighbors were moving in so James meandered over there again to greet them and to ask about the car. Come to find out they had bought it when looking over the place but hadn't taken the sign from it yet.

As James talked to the man and women their three kids came out to see what was happening. The man said that they had gotten the place for cheap because it was supposed to be haunted. They didn't believe in spooks and were glad to get such a nice place for such a great price.

We waited a couple of weeks and then James went over there again to get the latest on the haunting. He was invited to come in and sit down so he did and asked how things were going. Come to find out the new neighbors had heard the noises too and went exploring up into their the attic the next day.

Motioning with his hand for James to come he invited him to come up and see. There was a pull down ladder so they could easily climb up. The attic was dark except for a dimly lit bulb that gave some light. On both ends were small windows and one of them had something covering part of it. The neighbor took him over to this window and pointed. Looking closely James could see some type of device that was made up of pipes and an old clock. It was plugged into a socket in the wall. The clock has a timer on it that controlled when the opening to the pipes would let in the air. It was timed from 12am to 3am. Then the wind had to be just right to cause them to moan and make terrible noises.

Who had set up such a thing and why didn't the previous owner check it out before moving so hastily? The new neighbor said he had a theory. It could be that the previous owner hated that old house and bought it only because the wife really wanted it. Knowing she would be terribly afraid he might have set all this up so that they could move out right away and get the place he was wanting.

All this was a theory and another question is why didn't he take the equipment with him then and cover his tracks. The neighbor was curious too but did not want it to be known that the house haunting was fake. He and his family were getting a lot of attention and people wanted to stay over so that they could hear the scary noises too. In fact they were setting up a bed and breakfast in the old house and all ready had a waiting list of folks wanting to stay. This would give them an income from home and the whole family could run the business. This seemed like a win win solution and James promised not to tell anyone about the source of the scary noises. I guess one mans haunting is another's mans business.

To learn where real ghosts come from go to this link.
Ghost Truth, Discover the Reality

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