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Crosscut Saw

Crosscut Saw Photo used under Creative Commons from vastateparksstaff

The crosscut saw is made to cut timber that is standing but can be used on any wood. These saws can be used for logging and were used a lot in the past, especially the 2 man cross cut saw.

The blade of the crosscut saw has teeth that slices through the wood and is different from the rip saw that tears the wood like a chisel. Notice the tooth patterns on the picture below.

Many crosscut saws have raker teeth, which clears or rakes the wood chips along and drops it away from the log or board being cut.

Some of the advantages of the crosscut saw over the chainsaw is the quiet sawing environment, lightweight to carry, gas saving and less dangerous. It also takes a lot less training to learn to use it.

The advantage of the chainsaw is that it is much faster and can fell a tree more safely. It also requires less space to work. Crosscut saws are still used by loggers in Wilderness areas where power tools are not allowed. The two man saw is really efficient and can cut almost as fast as a chainsaw.

The vintage crosscut saw is not only collector's item but is wanted by modern cutters for the value of the craftsmanship of the saw. These older saws cut better and are in such demand that it is hard to find them today. However on this page there is a section of these vintage crosscut saws for sale.

On this page you will find Crosscut saws for sale including handles, blades, clamp, quiet blades, handle, 36 inch cross cut saw, manual, one or two man, sharpening a 2 man crosscut saw, Simonds cross cut saws, hardware, buy a small cross saw and good antique and vintage cross cut saws.

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Standing timber is what the crosscut saw is designed for but it can be used on many types of wood. My own crosscut saw is made for the one man since I usually do my own cutting by myself. My wife helps to carry the wood to our home but I like to do the cutting.

The two man one in this photo should probably be called two person since women are part of the team. The photo was taken at Mount Rainier National Park and these volunteers are in training on how to cut wood properly. I wish could just zap out there and join them.

Instead of tearing the wood like a ripsaw, this type slices through the wood making a cleaner cut. If it has raker teeth, which as its name indicates, rakes the wood chips away from the wood being cut. See the different kinds of teeth below.

There are different advantages of a cross cut saw over a gas powered one. The first is the quiet of your environment. The noisy chainsaw can spoil any country setting.
Another advantage is that you never run out of power. Manpower that is. If a disaster happened and you were not able to buy anymore gas you could still cut your firewood.

The disadvantages are the hard work and the time it takes to fell a tree. But then if you get a two man type the work goes almost as fast as using a chainsaw. Plus you can have company too.

This photo is taken in a very pretty place. It looks like the area where I live and that they are cutting hardwood. We have a lot walnut trees around and this type of wood makes beautiful furniture.

Vintage crosscut saws are in high demand. It can be hard to find one in eBay because they are snatched up as soon as one is listed. I will try to have one listed here but it depends on the supply.

The older vintage ones are made better and so they are not bought only for a collection but for actual use. They seem to cut better and are more hardy then the modern ones.

With the increased manmade and natural disasters happening to our planet the need continues to grow for off the grid supplies. Having a handy way to cut wood is a necessary precaution. In case you are curious on why these disasters are increasing read the article on when the world will end. (link at the top of the page)

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