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When and How Will the World End wooden Natural Cures for Disease wagon Antique Barber Chair

Antique and Vintage Lighting wheels How to Beat Depression

Antique Wooden Wagon Wheels

Antique Wooden Wagon Wheels Wooden Wagon Wheels

Antique Wooden Wagon Wheels for Sale.
Wagon wheels remind me of the Covered wagons that are seen in movies and the pioneer days enactment's. They were also used for buggies and big wagons and used to haul hay and other heavy supplies. These wagons were horse drawn and brings feelings of nostalgia upon seeing them today.

We live in Amish country and see the horse drawn buggies and wagons going pass our house and area pretty frequently. Many of these have the metal rimed wagon wheels. It would seem wood wheels would break down a lot faster than metal. However when collecting them the wooden wagon wheels are the ones that are usually made into furniture. They also make nice furniture like coffee tables and chandelier ceiling lights.

True wagons have four wheels verses the cart which has two so some of the Amish buggies we see are actually carts or carriages. Many of the Amish around our place use Steel rimmed Wooden Wagon Wheels. The front wheel is usually a little smaller than the rear for easy turning of the wagon.

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Here are the Antique and Wooden Wagon Wheels

Antique Wooden Wagon Wheels

Wooden Wagon Wheels

Wagon Wheel Lights

Wagon Wheel Rims

Wagon Wheel Furniture

Wagon Wheel Chandelier

Vintage Wooden Wagon Wheels


Check out these Antique Looking Wooden Wagon Wheels


On this page you will find Wagon Wheels for sale including antique wooden Wagon Wheels, Wagon Wheel lights and chandeliers, yard decoration, rims, steel and wood, horsedrawn, size, coffee table, light and chandelier, how to build Wagon Wheels, metal, rim, and horse Wagon Wheels.

A Tall Tale

My family lived in California when I was between the ages of 11 to about 14 before moving back to Oregon where my father grew up. Living in this state had its ups and downs. The last place we lived was about 3 miles from the Ocean. My brother and I would ride our bikes to the sea and explore the dunes and try to catch fish in the creeks that ran into the ocean.

Not far from where we lived my dad worked as a teacher in San Luis Obispo. One of the things we enjoyed doing was checking out the old ghost towns that can be found. The photo with this article shows one that we enjoyed visiting and one of the interesting things was the old stuff sitting around that was used from long ago. In the forefront of the photo you can see a wooden wagon with its wheels. This was taken from one of the ghost towns in the area.

We enjoyed exploring the old building looking for clues on how people lived back then and was always on the look out for treasure. We could imagine gold and silver coins being lost and discovered by someone lucky enough to find it in our day. One time we did find old penny and that made the day really exciting.

On a side note, my 8th grade teacher told us a story about when he was a boy. He was at a friend's house and watched as the family hid away a treasure of old coins in the wall. The family disappeared and my teacher was getting old but he kept an eye on the old house waiting for it to go up for sale. From what I can remember he told us that no one has ever gotten out the treasure and that those who knew about it had died. Now just one person lived in the house who was getting up in age and my teacher was waiting for the house to be advertised for sale. His plan was to buy the old shack and find the treasure. We moved away before I heard the end of the story. Maybe my teacher got rich and maybe not.

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