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Rare Hot Wheels

Rare Hot Wheels The rare hot pink Beach Bomb - Hot Wheels Prototypes

Rare Hot Wheels for Sale.
Mattel produced the tiny famous well made die cast toy cars in 1968. The name Hot Wheels, is a brand name that means good quality. Children love these cars but adults like them too and collect them. Many car manufactures had the Hot Wheels company make a exact copy of their cars to help out in advertising. NASCAR and Formula One racecars have been reproduced in miniature size by Hot Wheels too and is a big hit with collectors.

Mattel is really careful to duplicate the bigger car exactly by checking the design blueprints of the car they want to copy. Other popular Hot Wheels models include the Ferrari, Toyota, Chevy Nova and many of the makes and models of any real car that was manufactured.

Some colors where seldom used in producing the Hot Wheels cars and these rare colored cars are hot collectors items today. The most sough after

color is hot pink. This rare color can increase the value ten times.

The most valued Hot Wheels car is the Beach Bomb and can be worth $600.00 for a regular one in good condition. However the price of this VW bus can shoot up to $70,000 if it is hot pink.

The Beach Bomb got its value because the car was made like a Volkswagen bus with two surfboards sticking out of the rear window. After development the tiny bus was found to have trouble rolling on the Hot Wheels track so was discontinued. There are just a few of these rare Hot Wheels around. Sometimes it is called the RLBB, which means Rear Loader Beach Bomb. To learn the value of your Hot Wheels, check out some of the price guides offered on this page.

On this page you will find Rare Hot Wheels for sale including history, collectible, collection, vintage, classics, price guides, collectible car, guide, track Hot Wheels. Rare Hot Wheels collectibles what is their worth, find out here. ...Commissions Earned

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This shiny orange car is a 1968 Chevelle and is part of a collection of Hot Wheels. These tiny popular die cast cars were first made in 1960's and have been loved ever since. Kids enjoy playing with them and adults collect them.

Mattel the company that made these little vehicles took extra pains to duplicate the real ones as exactly as they could. They even studied the blue prints so that their model would look as real thing as possible.

Mattel tended to use certain colors in the production of these toys so the colors they seldom used have become really sought after today. One example of that is the hot pink Beach Bomb. Pink wasn't a color that was used except for a few times and so this pink VW bus is now worth up to $70,000 today depending on its condition. I guess the company didn't think kids would like this color as much.

Imagine if you found one still in its package. It would be extremely valuable as a collectors item. Notice the picture of it here to the right. It has two surfboards sticking out the rear window. The tiniest detail was not too much for Mattel. Another name for this Beach Bomb was the RLBB, which means Rear Loader Beach Bomb.

he above photo shows a 1967 custom Camaro. This car is a little beat up because someone played with it so much. Notice the detail to engine and mufflers sticking out from the side. The quality still shows after all the years of hard play. Now this car is in a collection. It won't be worth as much because of the wear and tear but is still valuable. The best way to find the value your car is to check a price guide or eBay to see what they are selling for.

The two cars in the above photo are missing some tires but still added to a collection. When you are cleaning out your home and attic always check to see if what you figure is garbage might be selling really well on eBay. I just saw a video about an Indian blanket that sold for over one million dollars. The family had it for several generations and just passed it down. It could easily have been discarded but instead it was sold and made the proud owners well off.

I remember hiking around once and came across a tiny abandoned dumping area. There were old bottles and cast iron toys. I wish I had picked them all up and taken them home but instead I just looked and went on my way. I didn't have anything to carry them in but I should have gone there again another day and picked all this stuff up. Since then I have moved away and probably couldn't remember where it was if I returned. I wonder if anyone else has found this hidden treasure yet or if it is still out there waiting for the lucky visitor. ...Commissions Earned

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