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Vintage Fisher Price Toys

Vintage Fisher Price Toys Fisher Price Little People at the beach.

Photo used under Creative Commons from John-Morgan's photostream

Fisher Price got its start in 1930 making good quality toys. These toys were made from heavy steel parts and good wood like ponderosa pine, which doesn't splinter like others types of wood.

The first toy produced by Fisher Price was Dr. Doodle, which was a doctor duck on wheels that could be pulled by the child. If this toy were found in good condition many collectors would want it.

During the 1960's the Play Family, now called "Little People" quickly became popular. The first Little People toy was a fire truck with three little firemen that stayed in the truck. After that other types like a school bus with people, Nifty Station Wagon and the Play Family. A Nifty Station Wagon could sell for $600.00 today if found in mint condition with the box.

Now Fisher Price has made over 5,000 different types of toys since it began and some of the most popular ones are the Little People, Power Wheels, View Master and others.

Fisher Price had two major problems with their toys. The first one was in 2007 when they recalled almost one million toys because of lead paint. Then in 2008 they produced a baby doll that talked. Unfortunately the doll talking seemed to promote Islam, which disturbed many and the doll was removed until this could be fixed.

On this page you will find Little People, clean Power Wheels, Star Station toy, Little People airplane, dolls, Ferris wheel, accessories, helmet, doll house, gas pump, wooden pull ducks and much more.

More Vintage Fisher Price Toys Here

Vintage Fisher Price Toys

Antique Fisher Price Toys

fisher price

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Many of us remember the fun we had playing with Fisher Price toys as a child. Many of them are now considered antique or vintage. I can remember pulling a wooden duck or something similar and it quacked or flapped its wings.

This photo shows a vintage train engine and probably made some little child happy way back then. This one is in great shape and would be bought quickly through eBay.

The Fisher Price brand is known for its good quality and they make them from sturdy materials like ponderosa wood and steel. The company got its start in 1930 and the first toy that was made was a doctor duck on wheels. This would fetch a good profit if you were fortunate enough to find one in excellent shape.

The photo above is of a classic music box and plays the tune, "London bridge is falling down." The picture in the box also moves as it plays and I can remember seeing these as a child.

One of the most popular Fisher Price toys is the Little People. This added a personal touch and let the child have adventures with the people that would ride the fire trucks, buses and cars. One was called the Nifty Station Wagon and if you were able to find one in almost new condition it is worth about $600.00 today.

In the photo above the airport, plane and little people is a great set. I donít know what one in good condition would be worth today but they seem to be quite common. Maybe I will try to list one here so you can see how they are doing.

This company is still going strong and has made about 5,000 different toys since it started. The most popular vintage ones are those that have the little people with them and then some others like the drum set, dolls, Ferris wheel, piggy bank, wooden ducks and the cow. This list doesnít cover them all but I didnít want to weary the reader by making this list so long.

I can remember the view master and I spend some time at my grandmother home using hers. I can remember the sharp pictures and imagined myself actually in the scenes I was viewing.

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