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Thanksgiving Coloring Pages

Thanksgiving Coloring Pages Thanksgiving Coloring Pages

On this page you will great coloring fun for kids and adults. Plus Free Thanksgiving Coloring Pages too.

Use these coloring books to teach your child about this holiday. They will enjoy the art and learn something in the process. Thanksgiving is one holiday that is hard to commercialize. It is a good time to get together as a family but there isn't anything to buy except for the food and maybe a few decorations.

Keeping the kids busy can be a challenge on this special day. The adults are visiting or watching football and the kids need something to do so these coloring pages you can find in the books or the place mats. The place mats would make an excellent craft that the kids can do for the meal. Each guest would have their plate on one of these place mats that the kids spend time on. The kids would feel proud and increase the happiness of the meal for everyone.

God has given everyone of us some blessings and that is what Thanksgiving is all about. We would all do well to count our blessings everyday. This would help keep our minds on the good things in life and keep us from depression.

My favorite Thanksgiving is when most of the family can get together. After a great meal we would take walks or watch a good movie together. The whole house would have a warmth to it and this makes special memories.

Thanksgiving Coloring Pages Let's Celebrate God's Blessings on Thanksgiving Thanksgiving Coloring Pages

Coloring books are a healthy choice for your children. Too much TV can have a harmful affect on their mental health. There is even research that it can cause autism in young children that are susceptible to this disorder.

These activities can teach healthful lessons in a fun and entertaining way or your child. Religious ones will teach lessons and ingrain the story on their minds. It seems to be a win win activity. Adults love to color too and the materials you find on this page can be for all ages.

On a side note. Last week in prayer meeting a family came with their four kids. The kids would be kind of bored as the meeting catered to adults. So the wise mother brought coloring books for the kids. The oldest was not participating as he was above such things but the younger kids were content.

The kids were very quiet and hardly distracting. One boy came up to a man named Lon sitting beside me and had him choose the picture the boy was to color. Lon looked them over carefully and choose a fierce looking dinosaur and the boy went to work. After finishing the page he came back and gave Lon the finished product.

One of the girls was working on princess and ponies and I received one of the finished products. Most of the folks at the prayer meeting received a art gift from the kids and they all expressed appreciation. The kids were happy and the adults had a quiet and interesting meeting.

As you can see keeping you kids busy doing something for others while needing to be quiet can work out great if you have the right materials.

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