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When and How Will the World End Free Natural Cures for Disease felting Felting Yarn. Needle Felting

Free Plastic Canvas Patterns patterns How to Beat Depression

Free Felting Patterns

Free Felting Patterns Photo License

Felt is made from cloth that is non-woven. To make this type of cloth it has to be matted, condensed or pressed. The material is used for many types of projects like rugs, clothing and tents but this page is talking about the craft projects that can be made from home.

Needle felting is used to make cute crafts like dolls, animals and other projects. On this page are free patterns to get you started besides supplies like needles and wool that are for sale.

In the industrial world felt is used to make clothing, hats, piano felts and even a whole house called a yurt.
Most people are familiar with the felt covered boards that teachers use to tell stories mostly from the Bible using small felt cutouts of people and animals.

On this page you will find supplies, technique and instructions from books, wool, kits, crafts kit, needles and more.

I love guinea pigs so when I found the cute kit below this article I had to show it. While in academy my roommate and I had two or three of them as pets. We were allowed to keep them in our room. However one day we took a couple down with us to our nightly worship service with all the girls. During the service we passed our cute critters around and one was a baby that everyone really loved. The baby guinea pig got stressed because it was separated from its mother while being passed around and started to squeal rather loudly.
The leader of the service stopped and looked our way and politely asked us to leave with our pets. We gathered them up and left very quickly. That was the last time we took them with us to any type of program.

However whenever the fire alarm would go off no matter if it was a practice one or not the cute pigs went with us. The school would meet in the gym and we would be holding these sweet animals on our lap and others would want to pet them.

Check These Out (Free Felting Patterns Below) (Just move mouse over or click to see information)


Here are the Free Felting Patterns

Free Patterns from Living Felt

Free Needle Felted Wool Shoes pattern

Free Pattern for Felting Fall Leaves

Here are free patterns to make many cute fuzzy projects. Using felt for a craft can result in a something so nice that you can give them as gifts or sell them when you are finished.

This little teddy bear with a pink heart is a good example of what your project might look like once you are done.

But whether you are making these for home or business there are plenty of patterns to choose from.

Check out the free section and also take a look at the other patterns and kits on this page.

Needle Felting can be used to make little animals, dolls, Christmas decorations and much more. If you are a beginner, a kit may be the best way to go. This way you have all the materials and instructions to get you started and this will give you a boost in your confidence before venturing out and making something from a pattern.

There are other uses for felt besides small crafts. Felt is used for tents, rugs and clothing and other things, but making crafts is when you have the most fun.

This photo shows some samples of what a simple design can make. Flowers and birds are pretty simple to make and is a good start if you are just starting out in this craft.

One of my favorite projects is a guinea pig. Right above this article is a photo of two cute guinea pigs that would make a lovely gift or would sell really well. This comes in a kit but once you learn how to do it you should be able make your own from scratch.

I have had many guinea pigs as pets and always linger in the pet stores checking them out. A big cage is required and it does need to be changed often to keep your pets clean and happy. The pigs soon learn that the opening of the refrigerator means lettuce or carrots and they will start squeaking whenever you open it as they beg for a treat.

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