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Salt Lamps for Sale

Salt Lamps WBM 8-Inch Himalayan Natural Crystal Salt Lamp with Bulb and Cord

Salt Lamps are made from Himalayan salt that is actually from Pakistan. This type of salt is used for lamps, food and bath goods.

When the salt is in a large crystal form it can be used as a lamp. The crystal is hollowed out and bulb placed inside giving it the color and warming it up so that it can give off negative irons, which are believed to give a pleasant feeling to those who breath it in.

Studies on this pleasant effect have come up with nothing so it could be a placebo effect. However the lamps are beautiful and if they make you feel good it should be great to add it to your room décor.

However this type of lamp is used by some while meditating. A word of warning needs to be given to anyone planning on meditating. There are two types of meditations. One is good and will bring you closer to God and the other is evil and lets evil spirits influence your thoughts. To find out the difference please go to this article that will explain the differences in detail.
The Difference between Safe and Harmful Meditation

On this page you will Salt Lamps for sale including rock and crystal salt. Also different ways of spelling Himalayan like Himalyian, Himalayian, Hymilayan, Himalalyan, Himilayan and Himalyan. Whichever way you spell it you should be able to find this page. Also large salt lamps and what they are and how do they work. Ionic, Pike Place, Ionization, Benefits and do they work? Sea salt, Importers, Polish, natural and blue lamps.

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