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Houseboats for Sale

Houseboats for Sale Photo License and Enlarged Picture

Owning Your Own Houseboat
Have you ever thought of owning your own houseboat and floating down a river like the Mississippi? You could make your living from Squidoo and other Internet places and travel up and down the river, depending on the seasons, exploring all the states the river passes through. A small car like a Geo Metro could be towed from behind giving you added freedom to explore the surrounding areas.

Trading your home in for a houseboat can attain this dream. The only downside would be the storms and floods that frequent the middle of the country. These can be avoided for the most part by keeping a close watch on the weather and moving out of warned areas.

In order to live this dream the house boat you purchase needs to be able to move on its own. Some house boats are kept in one place and are not made to be moved.
The 1940's saw the first houseboats in the United States and were perfect for those who wanted to stay on the water.
Warning needs to be taken on the gas powered generators used to run operations in a houseboat. Carbon Monoxide can be a real problem and even result in death if precautions are not taken. The generator should be housed outside of living quarters and well ventilated. Maybe wind and solar power should be considered to make your home safe and able to travel long distances with out coming to shore for fuel.

More Houseboats for Sale Here

Houseboats (all models)

Houseboat Plans


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On this page you will find new and used ones for sale including Pontoon, house boat living, trailerable, plans, Cruiser, Gibson, plans to build, custom sales, pilot, small and unique, luxury ones and more.

A Tall Tale - (some of it is really true)

My wife and I live on a boat and have a cozy home that we love on the water. We watch the weather constantly to try to stay away from dangerous storms and travel up north in the summer and south during the winter. Our income comes from Squidoo and other Internet sources. We don't want to live selfishly so have a prison Bible study ministry. A friend mails us the new lessons as they come in to the closest Post Office where we happen to be. We then correct the lessons and mail them back besides books and other materials. We try to keep around 30 students at all times.

We might dock in a town for a few weeks getting to know the area and we travel around on our tandem bike exploring and buying food and supplies. Time is also spent on our Internet business to keep everything going smoothly. With all this we keep really busy and never get bored.

One day while riding around town on our tandem we came across a police blockage. Not wanting to attract attention we scooted down a side alley. Unfortunately this brought us the attention we wanted to avoid. Hearing sirens we made another foolish decision to hide and found a thick brushy area to duck behind just as a police car rushed on past.
Deciding that we were taking to many risks we found a near by footpath and walked our bike along as it wasn't really wide enough to ride on comfortably. Coming to the dock we quickly stashed our bike on board and continued to listen to the commotion in town.
We did manage to escape this time and because we were innocent of any wrong doing didn't feel compelled to come forward. However we realized that it was really foolish to try to escape and it would have made things pretty hard on us if we had been caught. We could have been charged with evading police or some similar charge and been in hot water for awhile. It might have even threatened our free life style. Next time we will think first before acting.

Susan Dietel
Web Programmer
Email: susansdesign@yahoo.com

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