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Porcelain Horses

Porcelain Horses Fine Porcelain Carousel Horse Musical Figurine, 8-Inch, Pink The porcelain horse featured here is a beautiful hand painted sculpture of the real thing. This stallion named Kripton Seni II has won 12 national championships and many other championships as well around the country. In 2009 this horse became the Equestrian Federation Horse of Honor in the United States. A California couple who bought Kripton Seni II in 2004 from Spain owns this superb stallion. Unfortunately the last time I check this horse was not available. But keep checking it may come back soon.

Porcelain Horses are so exquisite and will add color and beauty to any dresser top or display shelf. They bring out the imagination and make you dream of riding your own.

Porcelain is made from heating a clay mineral called Kaolinite to a high temperature, which gives it a shiny glass look. After it is painted the porcelain can become gorgeous works of art.

On this page you will find these figurines for sale including Cheval, Beswick, Meissen, Kaiser, China miniatures and more.

Porcelain Horses Breyer Traditional Series Kripton Seni II

As a child my wife had a set of horses that were big enough for her Barbie dolls to ride on. One was a palomino and the other brown and white. The dolls did not bend in the correct way to sit properly on them but she pretended. However she also had one Daniel Boone and his Indian friend who could ride them. Their legs bent the right way. She had a lot of adventures with these toys and wished she had them today. They would be worth something by now.

On a little update note a friend and I went to a rummage sale and while there we found a plastic horse with soft mane and tail hair. It was an older toy and my friend quickly grabbed it to resell. She told me that any horse like this had a lot of value and if you see one in a yard or rummage sale to buy it and resell it. The value isn't huge but well worth your while to sell it or add it to your collection as the value will probably go up.

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A lot More Porcelain, China and Glass Horses

Porcelain Horses (All types)

China Horses

Glass Horses


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