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Venus Fly Trap

Venus Fly Traps for Sale. Venus Fly Trap Seeds, Plants, Facts, Information. How to grow
and take care of a Venus Fly Trap Plant. Buy Venus Fly Traps and Seeds.

Venus Fly Traps for Sale.  Venus Fly Trap Seeds The 'Dentate' cultivar of the Venus fly trap in cultivation - Photo License

The Venus Flytrap is an exciting plant to have in your home. It will catch flies and add interest to your plant collection. The Venus Fly trap (Dionaea muscipula) is an carnivorous plant that will trap flies and other insects and digest them for food. The trapping mechanism is sprung when an insect crawls upon one of its leaves.

The leaves have tiny hairs on it surface and two of the hairs have to be touched before the trap closes. The reason why two hairs have to be touched is to prevent the plant from closing down on falling leaves or other debris floating in the air.

For those serious about growing the Venus Flytrap attention should be paid to the environment needed for these plants. They originally come from a swamp and conditions need to be humid and wet. If you are in a humid climate you can set your plant outdoors but don't keep it in direct sunlight for very long. It needs between 2 to 4 hours of sunlight a day similar to a swamp environment. Reading up on swamps and their climates would be helpful.

Venus Fly Traps for Sale Venus Fly Trap 20 Seeds - Dionaea - Carnivorous - RARE

For dry climates a tiny greenhouse and lots of water would be helpful. The plant itself should be well drained to prevent mold. If the color of your plant is good and the Venus Flytrap is growing this is a good indication that your climate is working well. You want a rich red color for the inside of the leaf trap. If the leaves stay green it isn't getting enough sunlight.

Best growing conditions are found using sphagnum peat moss with some sand, or other material that is salt free. The soil pH should be kept between 3.9 - 4.8. Beware of soft water. The salt in soft water can kill your plant. Distilled or rainwater are best. The soil or pot should be kept in a tray of water but the root bulb of the plant must be above water level or else it will rot. You can't over water but you can kill it by letting the water become stagnant. Change your water often.

Following these suggestions should keep your Venus Fly trap happy and healthy.

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Venus Fly Trap Seeds

Venus Fly Trap Care and Information


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Dear Venus Fly Trap Fans,

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