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Live Coral

Live Coral for Sale. Find all kinds and colors of Live Coral here. Golden, Blue, Red, Black,
Brain and much more. Care and Information about Live Coral for your Saltwater Aquarium.

Live Coral for Sale Public Domain Photo

Live Corals are small sea anemones (Like polyps) that live in colonies. These are what reefs are made from. The coral secrete a calcium carbonate to form a hard skeleton. Each coral (called a head) is made up of many identical organisms each really tiny in size of maybe a few millimeters. The coral head will breed with other corals similar in type. Each tiny organism will spawn at the same time. This usually happens during a full moon.

Corals eat by catching plankton with their stinging tentacles and by absorbing the algae around them. In fact this algae is their main diet so in order for the algae to live it needs sunlight to grow so the coral won't live below 200 (60m) feet beneath the surface of the water and stay in more shallow depths. Some coral don't depend on alga and can live in deeper water.

Coral reefs provide many benefits including fish and octopus that are harvested for food. They also furnish recreational advantages for scuba diving and snorkeling. Coral reefs are great tourist attractions but a balance has to be maintained to protect these valuable reefs from being harmed by all the activity

The live coral in the aquarium is extremely popular as they add beauty to your tank. Before adding them to your saltwater tank be sure to do the research to understand how to keep your coral alive. Corals can be difficult to maintain and without the proper understanding of how they live your coral will die.

On this page you will find live coral for sale plus books on learning how to care for them. Find aquarium refugium, black, blue, brain, golden coral and more. Live coral auctions too.

Live Coral Marine Reef Aquarium Handbook

Product Description

This expanded and updated edition of a valuable manual for marine aquarium hobbyists provides the latest scientific discoveries and aquarium techniques for keeping and propagating living corals.

The coral reef, both in the ocean and in a marine aquarium, is a symbiotic system of corals and beneficial algae in a community with other marine life forms.

The author also discusses sponges, echinoderms, mollusks, crustaceans, and fishes, and advises on controlling and eliminating diseases and parasites in a marine aquarium. Filled with instructive color photos."

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Live Coral (all types)

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Brain Coral

Black Coral

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