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Siamese Fighting Betta Fish

Information about the Care and feeding of the Betta Siamese fighting fish.
Betta Fish For Sale. Plus aquariums and accessories for their keep and
Well-being. Betta, beta Fish.

Betta, beta Fish. Photo from the book: Caring for Betta Fish

The Siamese fighting fish or Betta is a popular fish for freshwater aquariums. It is sad to see them stuck in those tiny bowls in the pet stores and the urge comes to rescue them out of these bad environments. However I can only put one of these fish in each of my fish tanks or else they will fight. Unfortunately some take advantage of this and will stage fights between them. This is a cruel sport.

Male Betta Fish should never be used for fighting or kept in those tiny bowls. They are a beautiful fish and you can put one in each of your fish tanks when you have small fish that won't harm them.

These Betta fish are really beautiful and make a nice addition to any fish tank. They need to be put with small fish or else the bigger ones like Angel fish will nip them and make their lives pretty miserable.

Care and feeding of the Betta 
Siamese fighting fish Photo from the book: Bettas and Gouramis

The Siamese fighting fish lives about two years and is only about 2.5 inches (6 cm) long. When kept in a healthy environment these fish can live beyond the two years. They come in many colors and help to brighten up your aquarium.

Betta fish like to have hiding places to escape in and don't like being kept in tiny bowls. They can be kept in these small bowls because they have the ability to take oxygen directly from the air making them able to survive once the air runs out in the water they are in. But to keep your fish healthy and happy it is much kinder to give them a bigger place to swim in. It can be stressful to the fish to live constancy in low oxygen water. Besides having a bigger space with other types of fish can lengthen their life span.

The best fish to have in your tank with Betta's are guppies, mollies, neon's and other similar types. In the wild the Siamese fighting fish will eat live prey like bugs and such but they can adjust to eating the dried flakes used for tropical fish. Keeping your water warm will also add longevity to your fish. Most tropical tanks have heaters so this should work well for your betta's too.

The male Betta raises the young and will make a nest out of bubbles to keep the young safe. To better understand these interesting fish it would be wise to get a good book on the subject to understand how to care for them and breed them.

On this page you will find Betta fish for sale besides books and other resources on their care and breeding. Betta Breeders, breeding, diseases, facts, secrets, splendens, fighting beta fish and much more.

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