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Straw Bale Houses

Straw Bale House Construction.. Information and
instructions on building your straw bale home.

Straw Bale House Serious Straw Bale: A Home Construction Guide for All Climates

Are you looking for a really unique material to build your house, something that is inexpensive and better for the environment? If so, building your home out of straw bales may be the best material you can find.

Straw bales are used for the structure and insulation in building homes or any building. The straw bale is readily available and cheap to buy. The bale is so thick that it will insulate your home better than most other materials.

Straw-bale construction is a building method that uses straw bales as structural elements, insulation, or both. It is commonly used in natural building.

When building a home out of straw bales the bales are stacked in rows on a foundation. Moisture barriers are a must and are usually made from large sheets of plastic. To hold the bales in place some type of wood or rebar needs to be used. The bales with the structure can hold the weight of your roof and make solid walls.

The straw bale can be the typically kind you find in your local farm and feed store or you can buy specially made bales that are high-density compressed blocks made for building. These special straw bales can hold a much larger weight load and can be made from straw or any type of recycled material like cardboard, paper, plastic, carpeting or whatever will provide insulation and structure for your home or building.

On this page you will find books, plans and other resources on using straw bales for building. How to build a straw bale house books and more. Alternative building, earth home, green homes, green building and natural building. Straw bale building, construction, homes, house, houses.

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