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Funny Hamsters

Funny Hamsters. Pictures and feeding and care of cute Teddy Bear Hamsters.
Info and Facts from my own experience. Hamster or Hammy cage, videos, homemade cages and supplies.

funny hamster Photo used under Creative Commons from Lottie

Hamster's are so funny and cute and make wonderful pets as long as you know how to care for them. What you want to remember when you first bring home your pet hamster is that they are not social creatures. It is best to put each one in a separate cage. Baby hamsters will get along for a while but the fighting will happen sooner or later. The male hamster makes the better pet. They are more docile and less prone to bite.

One of the best cages for hamsters is 5 or 10-gallon aquarium. (Or one of the featured cages here that have a nice enclosed bottom) They are warmer then wires cage and can be cleaned easily. You can buy a top from this page or your local pet store.

A top can also be made from small wire mesh that can be bought from a farm and feed supply store. Also a weight needs to be placed on the top in case your hamster climbs up and pushes up the top and escapes. This can be done if the running wheel gets stuck and enables the hamster to climb to the top of the wheel and then get out.

If your hamster escapes it may be hard to catch it if it hides behind something. A loose hamster is a scared hamster and it wants to return to its home. Knowing your pet is homesick will give you an advantage. To take advantage of this, place a jar along the wall in a dark hiding place. Secure the jar so that it won't roll away and place familiar bedding from your hamster's cage in it with some food. Have a tiny container of water there too. Your pet will smell its home and stay close to the jar. Most likely the next morning you will find it sleeping in the jar curled up in its familiar bedding material.

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Hamster Supplies

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When breeding hamsters, care should be taken to watch and separate the two if the female attacks the male. The best procedure is to place the female in the male's cage. This will keep the male from being distracted by a new surroundings and keep his focus on the female. And unless the female is real gentle you can keep her from attaching by stroking her sides to keep her still.

The pregnant hamster should be kept in a really quiet place and only disturbed when feeding. Keeping the cage in the closet during this time isn't a bad idea. The mother will destroy her babies if she feels any type of threat. She can feel threatened if someone peeks at her babies or makes a lot of noise in the room where she is.
The babies are not safe until they are at least one week old. Then you can see them and play with them. The babies are weaned at about three weeks. One caution you need to take to protect the pups is to prevent harm from the running wheel. It is better to take out the wheel or else some of the babies might be killed. This happens when the whole bunch of them is running in the wheel. It is cute to watch but one of the babies can be caught in the wheel and the others will keep running, as they don't know any better. If you really want a wheel you can make it safer by attaching it from the top of the cage instead of the standard wheel that had a base that sits on the bottom of the cage but even this will not always keep them safe.

Hamsters usually live about 3 to 4 years and make good pets. They like to sleep during the day and run in their wheels all night. To keep the wheel from squeaking and keeping you up all night place a little cooking oil on the squeaky parts. They will lick it off but enough will stay to quiet the wheel for a couple of nights.

Teddy Bear Hamsters have longer than normal length hair with males having longer hair than the females. The main difference between the Teddy Bear Hamster and the short hair one is a higher purchase price.

On this page you will find funny hamsters and about their care. Cute Teddy bear hamsters, gray hamsters, picture of them too. Also learn about hamster illnesses, female or male, baby, dwarf hamsters, life expectancy, images, info, facts. How to take care of a Teddy Bear hamster. Grey Babie hamsters and buy your first hamster. Hamster cages, videos and supplies. Hamster cage and video.

Dear Hamster Fans,

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