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Antique Clocks

Antique Clocks for Sale. Antique and Vintage Clock Price Guides, Identifying and Repair.
Antique Clock Shops, Sale, Auction. Wall, Thomas, Mantel, Grandfather, Cuckoo,
Coocoo, French Antique Clocks and much more.

Antique Clocks for Sale French rococo bracket clocks - Photo License

Because of the need to coordinate schedules with other people and get to places on time for appointments and events, Clocks are one of the oldest human inventions. It is important that everyone's clocks showed the same time to avoid confusion.

The first mechanical alarm clock was made using a peg placed on the dial wheel, which activated the alarm. An Ottoman engineer named Taqi al-Din invented this clock and set the stage for other alarm clocks to be invented leading to what we have today.

Eki Terry is the founder of the American clock making industry. His first patent for a clock was received November 17, 1797.

Antique Clocks for Sale Antique Trader Clocks Price Guide: Including All Types of Clocks-17th Through 20th Century

One of the first clocks ever used was the sundial. It worked by the sun casting a shadow on a carved stone made for the purpose. The sundial was so reliable that later clocks were held to the sundial standard to make sure that they were accurate.
It wasn't until the 15th century that spring driven clocks were invented. The problem with the spring driven clock was keeping the movement of the hands constant as the spring unwound. But inventions soon solved the problem and made them reliable.

Antique Clock Shops Antique French Marble Garniture Mantle Clock Parthenon

On this page you will find antique and vintage old clocks for sale. Examples are Amish Grandfather clocks, antique wall clocks, mantel, cuckoo, floor, Grandmother, Howard Miller, novelty, pendulum, Waterbury, frog clocks. Also books on antique clock values and prices. Shops, Sale, Auction. Thomas, Mantel Grandfather, Coocoo, French Antique Clocks and much more.

This is the best place to buy these old clocks.

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Antique Clocks


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