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Gold Claims for Sale

Gold Claims for Sale Alaska Gold Claim Photo License

Gold Claims available for the Oregon, Alaska, Black Hills, Omineca, California, Wyoming, Idaho, Washington and a lot More.
Find the gold claim in the area you want to live and work. BLM Gold Claims are the most abundant so check this out.
With the prices of this metal skyrocketing the hunt takes on a new urgently and finding some may make the difference in putting food on the table. Most claims are 160 acres in size except for Federal managed lands where the claim is 20 acres.

Most claims are on BLM land and certain rules have to be followed. A claim has to be worked a certain amount to quality and can't be just a place to camp or live. Some miners live in a RV while working the claim and the whole family can be involved. Each state has different rules so be sure to investigate thoroughly beforehand.

Gold Claims for Sale Photo - This 156 ounce (4.8 kg) nugget was found by someone using a metal detector in California - Public Domain Photo

Gold Claims are also for sale. These claims are sometimes made for the purpose of selling them and may not have gold on them, but if it is in Western Oregon or California and has a stream on it the chances that you will find some gold is pretty high. The big question is will it be enough to live on and how much work will it take? These questions can only be answered as you work your claim.

Check with the office of Land Management and see where you can place your claim. Then check out the areas and do a lot of research on hunting for gold. Quartz rock is a good indicator that gold can be found on the land you are searching. Winter streams should be panned during the spring while there is still water in them but creeks can be panned all summer long.

Once during a hike with friends we stumbled across someone's gold claim camp. It was in a beautiful remote valley in Western Oregon and they were all set up to live there and had the laundry hung out to dry and had all the comforts of home. It sure looked like a fun and wonderful place to work and live.

On this page you will find gold claims for the Oregon, Alaska, Black Hills, Omineca, California, Wyoming, Idaho, Washington and more. Also material on placer mines, gold panning equipment, gold prospecting, how to pan for gold nuggets and gold mining.

On a side Note: Last year friend Elsie, with my husband and I went to my dads place to visit and to use Elise's metal detector to look for treasure around his place. There were stories from the area of people finding this precious metal and according to the story the Chinese had found a large amount that they had hidden because the locals were getting to oppressive and they felt they could not get their treasure out without it getting taken. They hid it and never returned.

They hid it somewhere around my dads place and we thought we would use the detector to find it and maybe some that might be in the creek. However much to our dismay the area was pepped with rocks that contained iron. This iron made the metal detector go off constantly messing up our searching. The detector was pretty much useless so we were down to panning and just searching. It was an disappoint but we had a fun visit with my family.

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Do you dream of finding gold and need a claim, then you should check here first. This photo shows a marker stating that this is someone’s gold claim so while you can go onto the property you cannot look for gold on it.

Along the creek above my dad's place in Oregon the paved road ends and it becomes gravel and heads into BLM land. No one lives on BLM land and so we decided to check and see if we could get a claim along the creek that the road followed. Everywhere we looked we saw a marker stating that it was someone's claim. The whole creek seemed to be covered.

Gold has been found in the area so this was a hot place to look. My grandmother's place, which is right across the creek from my dads, has a nice story about finding treasure. Sometime in the 1800's the Chinese found a lot of gold right there near her place. They didn't feel comfortable carrying it out and decided to hide it and return when things were more safe. They never returned and the gold is still hidden there somewhere. We have tried using a metal detector but the area has a lot of magnetic rocks that would throw off our detector. So the treasure it still out there waiting to be found.

The photo above shows a large nugget that was found using a metal detector in California. It weighed close to 11 pounds and its worth is over one hundred and fifty thousand dollars. So a metal detector should be part of the tools you use when looking for treasure.

The metal detector shown here is the same one I used to look for gold on my dad's property. It works really great and we may have found some if it wasn’t for all the magnetic rocks getting in the way. My uncle is working on a detector that will look only for gold and nothing else. This would be really useful and save you a lot of time instead of discovering every lost nail in your yard.

This last photo (on another page) shows a cabin on a claim that is above my dad's place on a mountain. I liked to hike up there and check out the cabin. Most of the time it is empty but sometimes you can tell someone is staying there for the summer and I make haste to leave quickly and not bother them. But when no one is staying there it is fun to check out some of the test holes that have been dug around there. As far as I know no treasure has been found but then they would want to keep that a secret.

My dad is a college teacher and one of his students told him that he found gold and had jars of it at home. This student would spend his summers finding enough to live on and support his going to school during the school year. It sure sounded like a wonderful way to live.

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