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Ferrari Cars for Sale. Ferrari Enzo 308, Acer, f60, f430, 328, and more.
Ferrari Parts, Manuals, Decals, Engines, kits. Used Ferrari for Sale.

Ferrari Cars for Sale Enzo Ferrari - Photo License

The Ferrari is a popular sports car originally produced in Italy. The founder Enzo Ferrari started the automotive company in 1928. The Ferrari Company made racecars before they make street legal ones so you can imagine that they wouldn't have any trouble making their street legal automobiles into hot rods.

Ferrari continued to make cars for races and was always making winners. The Formula One is one of the best-known Ferrari racecars. Despite Ferrari's success the company had financial difficulties so in 1969 it sold its sports car division to Fiat. Enzo Ferrari continued to control the racing division until he died in 1988. His last car produced was the Ferrari F40, which is his most famous supercar.

The famous Ferrari symbol on his racecars shows a rearing black stallion on a yellow shield with the letter's SF, which stand for Scuderia Ferrari. Above the horse are the Italian national colors of green, white and red. The horse in the symbol came about when he meet Countess Paoline at one of his races. She was the mother of a national war hero in the Italian Air Force during WWI.

Countess Paoline suggested that he put a symbol of a horse on his cars for luck since her son always painted one on his planes. Ferrari painted the horse black in memory of the war hero who was killed in action. The yellow color of the shield comes from the city of Modena, which was his birthplace.

On this page you will find Ferrari cars for sale besides service manuals, parts and accessories. Included is the Ferrari 308, 360 Spider, 458, F40, F430, F50, kit cars, MR kit and other high performance Ferrari models.

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