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Collector Toy Semi and Trailers

Toy Semi Texaco Truck My husband and I love to collect these toy semi trucks and go to auctions quite often. So when we found some of these toys being sold we could not resist and have to get them.

My husband drives truck for a living so he loves them too and adds to the collection.

Now we buy, sell, rebuild and this lens has several photos of our treasures.

These toy s were first produced in the 1960's by a company named Winross. Other companies soon copied their success and these special toys were soon popping off the shelves. Even adults who love trucks liked to collect these and kept them in great condition so that now many can purchase them and find them in almost new condition.

Toy Semi Walmart Truck Collector Toy Semi and Trailers for Sale. Matchbox Toy Semi Haulers and more.

These toy trucks come in different sizes. The 1/87 sizes are the most popular and come in several materials like plastic and diecast.

When we were kids we had a creek that ran through our property. There was a sandy place along the bank and we loved to run our toy cars and trucks in the sand making roads and pretending that we were traveling in the great outdoors.

I can remember catching water skippers to ride in my vehicles. The skippers were probably not very thrilled to be the passengers on our adventures but we were kind and let them go once we were done.

This brings back many fun memories.

Collector Toy Semi

Vintage Toy Semi

Collector Toy Semi Trailers

Vintage Toy Semi Trailers


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