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When and How Will the World End Angel Natural Cures for Disease snow globe How to Beat Depression Angel Snow Globes

Angel Snow Globes

Angel Snow Globes Photo License

Angel Snow Globes for Sale. Includes Guardian Angel, Musical, Christmas, Musical, Lighted Angel Inside, and Precious Moments that you can buy on this page.

Angel Snow Globes are really popular for Christmas. But don't wait for Christmas to get an angel snowglobe instead get one now that you will enjoy all year. Many snow globes come with music and moving parts. Some even have motors that will stir up the snow for you.

Kids love them and are fascinated by the tiny scenes inside with the snow that gently falls over the landscape. The little girl in the photo is thrilled with the globe and you can see her intently looking inside. Her imagination really comes to life when looking in these tiny worlds.

These pretty snow globes were first invented in 1878 and were first shown to the public at the Paris Universal Expo. Folks loved them and they have been popular ever since. Even movies have been made where they are the theme.

Angel Snow Globes

Musical Angel Snow Globes

Precious Moments Angel Snow Globes


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One of them is called snowglobe where a woman finds out that she can enter in the tiny world. Whenever she wants she can return to the real world by following a certain path. However something happens and she is trapped inside.

This photo shows a beautiful Christmas one that probably has an angel inside even thought you can't see it. The photography (not here right now) was excellent with the snow globe in the foreground and the Christmas tree in the background. Makes a lovely scene.

You can almost wish you could step inside this room and see all the pretty decorations and there are probably a stack of presents under the tree waiting for the lucky family to open them.

This Nativity Snowglobe in the photo above (not here right now) is lacking any angels but you can imagine them invisible in the picture. Baby Jesus was probably attended by many angels to keep Him safe so that He could live to die for our world.

Angels had to guard His every step as the evil one was hoping to destroy Him so as to prevent the people in our world that wished to follow Him from being saved.

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