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Wag Aero

Wag Aero Wag-Aero CUBy - Public Domain Photo

Wag Aero aircraft, kits and plans for sale.

The Wag Aero is a type of kit plane designed by Dick Wagner of Wisconsin. This aircraft can be bought as a kit or as plans.

The Wag-Aero is a copy of the Piper J-3 and Dick first started out designing parts for the Piper Cub and finally started his own business selling kits and plans so that pilots could build their own aircraft.

His Company The WAG-AERO Group is the main place to find these kits and plans. However if you are looking to find something cheaper or already build you will find more resources lower down on this page.

These kits come with either wooden or aluminum wing ribs and spars depending on the tastes of the prospective owner. The first Wag Aero was flown in March of 1975 and was outfitted with skis to let it land on snow or water.

On this page you will find Wag Aero aircraft, kits and plans for sale. The Wag Aero Cub, Sport Trainer, J3, parts, trainer airplane, wing kit, wag a bond, sportsman 2+2, CUBy, CHUBy, Wag-a-Bond and more.

Wag Aero and Parts

More Wag Aero Aircraft

Wag Aero and Parts


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