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When and How Will the World End old Lil Red Express Trucks for Sale trucks Semi Truck for Sale

How to Beat Depression

Old Trucks for Sale

Old Trucks for Sale. Find Used Old Trucks to Buy. Old Truck Prices, Parts, Manuals,
Restoration, Values and more. Old Trucks Magazine.

Old Trucks for Sale Old Dodge Truck - Photo used under Creative Commons from Beau B

On this page you will find a selection of old trucks for sale. 1932 Ford Hot Rods, classic, Dodge Ram, International Harvester, Lil Red Express and more. Fix up an old Ford or Chevy and watch the heads turn as you drive down the road. These classic vehicles are fun to repair and drive. These include the pick up and the semi.

Do you want to own a classic truck? If so this is the place for you. The Model T was what the first trucks was based on and it sold for a low sum (to us today) of $281.00 Wouldn't it be great if we could go back in time and pick up a few of these to bring back to our day and sell them? We would be rich!

At first these were built like a car with a cargo box on the back to haul stuff. Since then the pick up has come into its own and become totally separate from the lowly car.
Find Used Old Trucks to Buy. How-to-Restore Your Chevrolet Pickup

On a side note:
When I was around ten years old our family moved from Tennessee to Oregon. We had an old cabin in Oregon next to my grandmothers place and we were going back home. To help us move my father purchased a big old truck that had seen better days. It ran well however and that was the most important thing.

Once we got all our stuff loaded up it was heaped pretty high. My dad had to readjust the load and it took a couple days longer to leave then expected. I can remember the school bus full of our friend's coming by and could hear the kids cheering because we had not left yet.
When we finally did I felt a little sad as I imagined the bus coming that day and the kids disappointment in seeing that we had actually left.

My dad covered the top of the truck with a dark green tarp and it looked like a army vehicle as it lumbered down the road. My mother followed in the car and we got to take turns riding in the truck with our dad.
It seems to take a week before we finally pulled up to our Oregon cabin and started the unloading process. Once the truck had done its duty my dad sold it and it was sad to see it go. We really enjoyed riding in it and being so high up above the road.

Find Used, good Prices, vehicle Parts and Manuals, Restoration, Values and more.

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More Old Trucks and Accessories for Sale

Old Trucks (all models) Old Trucks

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Old Trucks for Sale

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Many Old Trucks can be found on this page. We all love old trucks and some of our favorites are the Ford hot rods and classic ones. The one featured in this photo is a Chevrolet pick up from the 1950's. When I was a child these trucks didnāt have a lot of value and some probably wish they could go back to that time to buy them up and bring them back to our time and fix them up for re-sale.

Others trucks that are loved is the Dodge Ram, International Harvester, Lil Red Express and more. The Lil Red Express is an all time favorite and there could be some offered on this page. The trucks come and go so you should check back often and see what is available.

I can hardy believe that the first old model T truck was sold for only two hundred and eighty one dollars back then. Of course money was worth more at that time but even for that time it doesn't seem very expensive. Again it would be fun to go back in time and pick some of these to bring back here.

This photo shows an old Dodge truck that is a collector's item today. This is something you would see on the TV show, The Waltons. You can see John Boy's dad driving something similar except that it was pretty beat up, while this one is still in pretty good shape.

When I was about nine years old my dad bought an old truck that is bigger than the one shown here. We piled it high with all our belongings, covered it up with an old green canvas tarp and trekked across the country from Tennessee to California. People probably gave us some strange looks as our old truck rattled by.

As we rolled into California folks there probably thought, "Here comes the hicks from hickville."

The trip was fun and brings back fond memories from childhood. From California we finally moved to my dads childhood home in Oregon. One thing I remember well is that my new friends in California thought I talked funny. I had picked up and ancient that took me awhile to change.

Dear Old Trucks for Sale Fans,

I am writing to you in behalf of your Heavenly Father. He is seeking you like a lost sheep. You remember the Bible story? It is about a shepherd who has 100 sheep. But when he brings the sheep home one night, one is missing. He then leaves the 99 sheep and goes out into the wilderness until he finds that lost sheep.

In this parable the shepherd goes out to search for the one lost sheep-the very least that can be numbered. So if there had been but one lost soul, Christ would have died for that one. To read more click Lost Sheep

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