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Antique and Vintage Toasters

Antique and Vintage Toasters How bread was toasted in 1910. Public Domain Photo

Antique and Vintage Toasters for Sale

For those of you who love toast and antiques this page is a combination of both and should be fun for you. As most of you know a toaster is made to toast bread. This can even make the bread healthier to eat unless you burn it. Stay away from food charcoal. (Wood charcoal is ok)

Before the modern toaster was invented people would hold the bread close to a grill or open flame using a long fork or some type of metal device.

1893 saw the first electric toaster invented in Edinburgh Scotland by Alan MacMasters. The first toasters were a little dangerous because the wiring tended to melt and cause a fire. Even now it is a good idea to unplug them after every use even though they are a lot safer then they used to be. However they can still be a cause of fires so caution should be taken.

These first ones did not pop up and had to be watched in order to keep the bread from burning. Antique and vintage ones tended to be open with the heating mechanism exposed. The bread was place in them and then removed when it was toasted enough.

In 1919 the first pop up was invented, popping up when done. In 1925 the 'Toastmaster" was born produced by the Waters Genter Company. In 1930 the pre sliced wonder bread was introduced and this bread was the perfect size to fit into these toasters.

On this page you will find antiques and vintage toasters for sale including the Hotpoint vintage toaster, power cord for old toasters, prices of these vintage toasters and who invented the toaster.

More Antique and Vintage Toasters

Antique Toasters

Vintage Toasters


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