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1954 Ford Sunliner for Sale

1954 Ford Sunliner for Sale Photo used under Creative Commons from JOHN LLOYD

The first Ford Sunliner came out in 1952 as a convertible. It was called the Crestine and a few can be found today. It is hard to find a lot in information on these old cars but they are popular collector's items and can be found on this page.

The year 1954 was a great year for Ford because the style of their cars changed to a more modern look. They had more power and great features. One feature was the speedometer. The dial was lighted by an opening in the back of the casing that let in light from outside making it easier to see. This was considered really modern at the time.

The top of the line for Ford in 1954 was the Crestline Sunliner convertible. There were a lot of sales for this special car and it was considered a vehicle that you could show off to your friends. At that time the cost ran about $2,241 for the model that had a V8 engine.

A Lot More for Sale

Ford Sunliner (all years)

1954 Ford Sunliner


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Collector's wish they could go back in time and pick up a few dozen of these cars and sell them now in new condition. It would be a money makers dream. However to be practical there are still opportunities to find these old cars that need a little fixing and restoring them and then selling them at a profit for those who want to get into that business. You just need a love for old cars and mechanical abilities.

A Tall Tale

I revved my engine at the stoplight. My foot was itching to hit the gas and race. The car that had pulled up beside me had an older couple in it so I didn't expect them to accept my challenge. Besides their car looked like a dump while my mine was a shinny yellow trophy. With its souped up V8 engine I was able to beat most any other vehicle out there and I wanted show off my car as much as I could

Much to my surprise the older gentleman accepted my challenge by revering his engine too. We were going to race. My heart beat harder in anticipation as I seized the steering wheel and prepared to blast away and leaves my opponent in the dust. The light changed and we were off. While working the controls I looked into my rearview mirror to see how far he was behind but didn't see anyone and to my horror his black junk heap shot pass me. I hit the gas harder to catch up but he still pulled ahead and soon left me far behind feeling pretty foolish. He must have had something under his hood that I would love to see.

Feeling fortunate that none of my friends were there to see my defeat I slowly headed for home. This was the first time my great car had been beat by something so old. Now I wasn't as eager to show off like I had been. What if I had gotten beat in front of my friends. They would have been tickled that my mighty yellow hotrod had been bombed and beaten by such a junk heap. I needed to keep all this top secret!

A month or so later I was taking my friends for a joy ride in my yellow hotrod when I came to a stoplight. A vehicle came along beside me. I revved my engine for a challenge and upon hearing the challenge returned looked to see what my competition would be. Much to my shock and horror it was that black junk heap again. The old guy flashed a victory signal and waited for the light to change. What to do. I couldn't get beat in front of my friends and they were all ready making fun and laughing that I was being challenged by such a junk heap drove by some old guy.

The light suddenly changed and I roared the engine and pretended like I was really getting into the race when abruptly I hit the brakes causing my friends to lunge forward with the quick stop. No one was behind me so I wasn't being a hazard to any other car. What are you doing my friends complained, you could have easily beaten that old heap. Pretending to feel sorry for the old fellow who had challenged me I told my friends, I just couldn't take advantage of that old man and his junk heap. Let's give him a brake. I need a bigger challenge then that I told them.

They continued to complain a little but soon forgot as we challenged other cars and won most of the races. My dark secret was safe.

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