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Spy Gear

Spy Gear Spy Gear Camera - Foscam FI8918W Wireless/Wired Pan & Tilt IP/Network Camera with 8 Meter Night Vision

Spy Gear for Sale including spy cameras, gear for kids, equipment and more.

Having the gear to spy for invaders can be really useful. You can catch whoever is stealing from you and find out what is happening when you are gone.

Watch the baby or dog sitter and make sure your stuff is safe.

Just knowing that your bad behavior might be caught on camera is sometimes enough to change your course of action. A few years ago a friend and I ran a foster home for retarded adults. Each morning I would walk them down our driveway to the place where a special bus would come a pick them up for their daily activity program.

One of the bus drivers was a women who would never wait for us if she was early or we a little bit late. We might be already down the hill but still 100 feet from where she would pick us up and she would come and see that we were not quite there and leave us in the dust, which would upset our foster adults and us.

I decided to catch her in the act. To catch her I brought along a camera. It wasn't to long before it happened again. We were already at the bottom of the hill when the bus roared off and left us. As it was leaving I tried to get our people to run after the bus so that I could get a photo of them being left behind but the folks couldn't understand what I wanted and didn't run. But in the process I was getting behind them and waving my camera around trying to get a picture.
The bus driver could see me from her rear view mirror. I was not successful in getting the photo that I wanted but just because I had the camera did the trick and she didn't know that I failed in my attempt.

That driver never left us again. From then on she always waited patiently for us to walk the 100 feet or so to her bus. She probably thought that she would lose her job if we showed her boss a photo of her deserting us. So even an attempted use of a camera can have excellent results.

On this page you will find real spy gear for sale including cheap spy gear for kids, dealers plus, distributor, toys, how to build and make your own, gadgets, ware, shop and more.

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