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Praying Mantis Eggs

Praying Mantis Eggs Photo License

Praying Mantis Eggs for sale. Praying Mantis will help keep your garden free from insect pests. Praying Mantis Eggs, Egg Case, Facts, Picture, Life Cycle. Care, Habitat, Pets, Diet and more. Buy Praying Mantis Eggs. Answers the question of do Praying Mantis eat and what do I feed it if I have one as a pet. Praying Mantises or Mantodea.

The Praying Mantis get their name from the "prayer like" stance that they hold their forelegs in. Some call them Preying Mantis because of their fierce attack on other insects and even attacking the male by the female after breeding. These forelegs are like spikes that are used to capture their prey.
The Praying Mantises head is extremely flexible and can give a 300-degree movement and a wide range of vision so they don't miss much of what happens around them.

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Most of the time the Praying Mantis is sitting on a tree or plant limb and you never see them fly. However when they fly it is usually at night. Night flying assists them in avoiding their enemies and finding females who don't tend to fly as much. They can pick up the pheromones from the females, which enables them in their search.
Bats would be a problem with night flying except that many Praying Mantis can detect the echo sounds from the bat and avoid it.

Praying Mantis will eat anything they can capture, which is mostly insects. However if they can catch them they won't pass up a meal made from scorpions, lizards, frogs, birds, snakes, fish and even small rodents. If you keep one as a pet you would need to provide it crickets from the pet store and any other insect you can find around your place to feed it. Never keep two Praying Mantis together as they may eat each other.

Praying Mantis will protect themselves by hiding and using camouflage. They will also stand tall and spread out their winds to look scary to enemies. Some will make a hissing sound and even bite or pinch to protect themselves.

The mating season usually begins in the autumn time of the year for the Praying Mantis. The female lays between 10 to 400 eggs in a frothy mass, which hardens and is usually attached to a plant or any other surface they might find. The hatched Praying Mantis may look like ants at first and slowly change their appearance as they grow to adulthood. Most Praying Mantis live no longer than 14 months and can't survive cold climates.

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