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When and How Will the World End train Train Horns and Steam Whistles N scale On30 Model Railroading

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N Scale Model Railroads. Model Trains

N Scale (Gauge) Model Trains. N Scale Railroad information,
products and more. Have your own Train and Track layout.
Model Train Store. Narrow Gauge Model Railroads.

N Scale (Gauge) Model Trains N Scale Model Railroading: Getting Started in the Hobby

One of the most popular model railroads is the N scale or gauge size model train layout. This N scale is half the size of the HO scale allowing the train enthusiast to build more tracks and scenery in a smaller space. The "N" for the scale stands for Nine millimeters, the distance between the inside of the rails.

These model N scale trains and track are 1:160 the size of a real train. This scale is used in the United States and Europe. Other countries use a different scale size so make sure that your train supplies fit your layout.

The N Scale Model Railroads came about in 1962 and quickly spread as they increased in popularity. DC motors usually power locomotives in the N scale and the speed is determined by how much voltage is used. The train's direction can be changed when the polarity is changed on the train track. Many hobbyists use Digital Command Control (DDC) to work their layout. DDC works by surface mount technology and locomotive motors that don't use much power.

While HO scale hobby is the most popular in the model railroad field, N scale is a close second. The only exception is in Japan where space is limited and the N scale can fit in smaller rooms making it the most popular there. N scale may become the most popular model railroading scale in Australia as the model train market there has been growing rapidly with N scale growing in popularity each year.

On this page you will find N scale model trains and railroads layouts for sale. Bachmann model trains, train sets and what ever you need to get started or continue your N scale hobby. This is better than any store. products and more. Have your own Train and Track layout. Narrow Gauge Model Railroads.

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N Scale Model Railroads

N Scale Model Trains

N Scale Model Train Sets

N Scale Train Scenery

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