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When and How Will the World End hovercraft How to Beat Depression


Hovercraft information. How to build a Hovercraft.
Air cushion Vehicle. (ACV) Also includes
Radio Control Hovercraft.

Hovercraft Military Hovercraft - Public Domain Photo

A Hovercraft is an air-cushioned craft that is supported by air as it travels over Surfaces like liquid or hard terrain's . Hovercrafts come in all sizes from small personal craft to huge military craft capable of carrying a lot of weight. Notice the photo above showing a military hovercraft carrying vehicles and cargo.

Imagine yourself floating about the water or even zooming over the land in one of these machines. Farther down on this page you will discover a video of a hovercraft that actually seems to fly. It flies several feet up from the top of the water and seems to float as it goes. To find these great crafts for sale scroll down this page and you will see a good selection.

1915 was the first year an air-cushioned vehicle was built. Dagobert Muller of Austria built a hovercraft propelled by four aero engines, which ran two submerged marine propellers. It also had a fifth engine to blow air under the front of the craft to help lift it up. The intent was to use this vehicle for war but it never saw any battles and eventually was scrapped for lack of interest.

Eventually others continued building the hovercraft and improvements were made resulting in the hovercraft we have today. Hovercrafts make excellent rescue vehicles as they can go most anywhere. England uses one to rescue people from the thick mud in Bridgeport Bay and other areas use them for flood rescue. Hovercraft is also used for recreation like racing and boating on marshes and lakes. On this page you will find Hovercraft for Sale plus parts and books on how to build or make a diy simple hovercraft. Plans, building, design, kits, instructions for your own personal hovercraft. Radio controlled Hovercraft toys are available too.

On this page you will find the Hovercrafts that interest you. Both the real thing that you can ride in and models.

More Hovercraft

Hovercraft (not toys)

Hovercraft Plans


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Hovercraft Design and Construction

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Radio Control Hovercraft

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On a Side Note:

German Moon Base

Did the Germans really land on the moon and establish a base there? The belief is that around 1942 the Germans picked up information from a supposed crashed UFO and reversed the technology to be able to fly to the moon and Mars and establish a base. Supposedly they dug tunnels as part of the base and a lot of people were and are still living there. (I wonder if they ever used a hovercraft) This base is called Neu Schwabenland. (radio control hovercraft)

The craft that the Germans developed were saucer shaped and after the United States and Russia joined in this venture in the 1950's they stayed at the base too. (how to build a hovercraft ) It all seemed far-fetched but some believe it. (remote control hovercraft ) It seems that if they had this type of technology we would have seen it by now. So this is all a hoax but some do believe it. (how to make a hovercraft)

Many are blaming the many UFO sightings on the Germans and other big nations that are secretly doing all this colonizing of the moon and Mars. (hovercraft part) To capitalize on all the attention from the conspiracy theorists a new movie is coming out called, "Iron Sky." The movie will be about the Germans establishing a base on the moon right after World War II to escape the fall of their country. They plan to invade the earth in 2018 and take over the world for the nazi's. (hovercraft design)

Lately there has been an increase of UFO sightings. The latest statistics that I heard was that there is a sighting every 3 minutes somewhere around the world. (hovercraft plan ) It does seem like something is building up and may come to a head. (radio controlled hovercraft ) Maybe a UFO landing somewhere and someone revealing themselves to the people. (toy hovercraft)

With all the billions of galaxies in our universe people reason that there must be intelligent life somewhere and they are right. God and His angels plus the many planets that he created fill the universe and make quite an active neighborhood. (hovercraft picture) One verse tells us that He made the worlds. (Hebrews 1:2) And another tells us that one day the sons of God came to heaven. (Job 1:6). Satan came too as a representative of earth. So these other sons much have come from other worlds. (also read Job 38:6,7)

So there is other life in our universe but no one would want to come to earth as this place is the one place that has rebelled against our Heavenly Father. (rc hovercraft ) The only ones here are humans, God, His angels and Satan and his angels. Most likely the UFO's are part of a big scheme of Satan to trick the people of earth in some manner. Maybe a UFO will land and Satan will step out and offer to solve all our problems if we follow him. This or something similar could happen. (hovercraft kit ) Stay tuned. (hovercraft video, dvd)

Here is another conspiracy theory about the moon landing that you might want to check out. (hovercraft building)

Moon Landing Hoax

Dear Hovercraft Fans,

I am writing to you in behalf of your Heavenly Father. He is seeking you like a lost sheep. You remember the Bible story? It is about a shepherd who has 100 sheep. But when he brings the sheep home one night, one is missing. He then leaves the 99 sheep and goes out into the wilderness until he finds that lost sheep.

In this parable the shepherd goes out to search for the one lost sheep-the very least that can be numbered. So if there had been but one lost soul, Christ would have died for that one. To read more click Lost Sheep

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