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Old Trucks for Sale dump Semi Truck for Sale trucks How to Beat Depression

Dump Trucks for Sale

Dump Trucks for Sale Photo License

Dump Trucks for Sale including used, 1 ton, Mack, Kenworth, Ford, and International.

Do you need a dump truck? If so this is the place to find one. Most dump trucks are used to haul material such as gravel and dirt but can be used for whatever you need. The photo shows this blue truck, which is very basic and can be used to carry up to 10 metric tons.

When thinking about a dump truck the picture comes to mind of the standard type that has a dump body that tips up and drops the load. But there are other types that dump from the belly of the trailer. This type can be used to get the load right where you need it by laying out the material in a line.

More Dump Trucks

More Dump Trucks (all models)

Kenworth Dump Trucks

Ford Dump Trucks

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One dump truck model dumps from either side of the trailer. These can quickly remove their load and don't tip over as easy as other types of dump trucks. This type of truck isn't as common and care must be taken to make sure the load doesn't trap the wheels. This might require another truck to pull it out.

Superdump trucks are made to carry much larger loads and may actually save money per trip and pay for itself. This truck was produced by Strong Industries in Houston Texas and can carry up to 80,000 pounds (36,287 kg) depending on the size.

On this page you will find dump trucks for sale including dump truck bodies, small trucks, parts, bed, box and more.

A fantasy Story:
One day we were wondering how we could afford the gravel for our muddy driveway. The driveway was so muddy that the car could hardly get up it. You can imagine our surprise when we heard a noisy truck arriving and looked outside and saw a dump truck unloading gravel all along our lengthy driveway. By the time the truck made it up to our house we were outside and ran up to window and asked the guy if he had made a mistake. No, he said with a wide smile, this load of gravel is a gift to you from an anonymous donor. We were thrilled and thanked him and told him to thank whomever it was that gave us this nice gift.

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