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When and How Will the World End crossword Natural Cures for Disease puzzle Free Crossword Puzzles

Free Felting Patterns crossword Geometric Coloring Pages puzzle How to Beat Depression

Crossword Puzzles

Crossword Puzzles Each square is numbered to tell you where you are and each number matches the question asked. Photo License

Most crossword puzzles have little small white and black sections or squares where you have to fill in the blanks.

To solve the puzzle each square has to be filled in with letters and match with all the other letters from other words that answer the questions that are asked. Each square is numbered to tell you where you are and each number matches the question asked.

Cross word puzzles can be different depending on the country. The American grid has more white spaces while the British have more black. Some countries are so different that at first glance you might think it is a different game. This might be a problem for those who enter international contests. The trick is to know that countries style before completing.

My first experience with crossword puzzles began about 5th grade where the history teacher taught by giving out these games and we had to find the answers to history questions. Since I was slow on doing them I usually was near the last to get done and was under constant pressure during class. I figured the teacher was pretty lazy because he just kicked back and didn't have to do much as we struggled to do these puzzling games. I don't know if I really learned much in the class except on how to get it done as fast as I could.

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Kids Crossword Puzzles


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A Tall Tale - What I wish could have happened
One day at school we were give these games to do again but this time we were ready. Waiting until we were half way through the kids joined together in the center of the room and then all marched out. The teacher was shocked and called out after us to come back. Meeting us in the hall he asked what we were doing and threatened that we could all get flunking grades if we didn't come back in right away .

Staying united our spokesperson announced that until we were given real assignments and fair work we were going to stay out of the classroom. The teacher blustered and made more threats but we stayed firm and farther announced that we planned to get the school principle involved to help settle the dispute. Backing down at the thought of the principle discovering how he was teaching the class he invited us back inside and we talked about what we wanted. By the time the bell rang at the end of class we had made the deal of having real school work and no more of these games.

Now I enjoyed doing these great games. The challenge makes me feel great as I figure out how to solve them. There are places that will make them online based on certain themes that will be fun for kids and adults. A Bible class can teach the lesson while kids think they are playing. Just be sure to make the games optional in case someone there doesn't enjoy them and see it as a chore.

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