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Cow Tipping

Cow Tipping Public Domain Photo

Is Cow tipping real and does it kill the cow?

Cow tipping is when a person sneaks up to a sleeping cow and pushes it over. The idea is that a sleeping cow would fall over really easy. However cows don't sleep standing up so sneaking up on one would be especially hard. You might get ran over or kicked for your efforts.

A bunch of guys may get drunk and decide to go to some field and try this on some unsuspecting cattle. What usually happens is that they end up chasing the cows, or being chased around the field and end up with cow pies all over their shoes and elsewhere if they slip and fall in the gooey mess.

Cow Tipping

The Cow tipping idea got so much attention that a doctor of zoology from the University of British Columbia decided to find out if Cow tipping was possible. First he discovered that one person could not push a cow over. It took at least two and usually four persons were required to tip the cow over because the cow has excellent hearing and smell and they are hard to sneak up on and might run if approached. A bull or a cow with a calf may decide to chase down any intruders. If one manages to tip a cow over it probably won't hurt it any.

Despite the studies Cow tipping still has its fans and those who will try it at least once. There have been songs written about Cow tipping including, "Everybody get Dangerous" by Rivers Cuomo and "Lou Reed" by the country band, The Little Willies.

Cow tipping is an urban legend and the book, "The Official Cow Tippers Handbook" by Red McCoy has made it even more popular.

On this page you will find Cow tipping facts, video, song, history, image, experiences. This will answer your questions like, is Cow tipping real and does it work.

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