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Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks

Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks Schneider Black Forest 37 Inch Musical Deep Carved with Deer 8 Day Movement Cuckoo Clock

Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks for Sale.

Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks were originally made in Germany and are extremely well made clocks. To find original clocks go to the links that say antique or vintage on them.

Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks are made entirely from wood except for the movements, which is fabricated from a metal material. These clocks are made from the finest material available.

Cuckoo Clocks from the Black Forest were first made in the 1700's. In these early clocks all the gears were wooded and handmade. These clocks set the standard for our modern clocks of today.

Now you can find Cuckoo Clocks with all types of designs from vintage to modern. The most popular is the vintage type design of wood, deer and other types of animals including the little bird or cuckoo singing the hours or half hours.

On this page you will find these for sale including authentic, white wood, German made, Schneider, Kassel, Stag, Hermle, huge, Jensens and more.

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More Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks

Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks

White Wood Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks

Black Forest Cuckoo Clock Stag

Antique Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks


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A Tall Tale
The chime from the clock woke me up. I thought I had turned that off for the night and was reluctant to get out of my warm comfortable bed but if I was to get any sleep I had to make the effort. So rolling out of bed I staggered to the living room to turn it off.

As my hand reached for tiny door to turn off the chime a light out of my window caught my attention. We lived way off the beaten path and there was not supposed to be lights around outside. Forgetting my task I peered out of the window being careful to keep myself from being seen by anyone outside.

There was a movement by the shop and a tiny light was flashing around. Someone was outside and most likely up to no good. I had a couple of options. Get the gun or loose the dog. I always kept my dog tied up in the kitchen at night to keep her safe from cougars and to keep her from barking and waking us up.

Letting her loose seemed the best idea but I got my gun as a back up, then grabbed a flashlight and brought Spotty to the door and quietly slid outside with her. Our porch light was not on so we didn't attract any attention. I quickly sneaked down the steps and hide behind a bush to see what would happen as Spotty took in the situation.

It didn't take to long. She suddenly noticed the movement and let out a tremendous bark and roared toward the intruder. The intruder jumped and fled down our long driveway with Spotty in hot pursuit. I also followed as fast as I could to see where the would-be robber was going.

Our driveway was close to a quarter of a mile long and Spotty kept the intruder busy as she nipped at his heels as he ran. I was running behind trying to keep up but not get so close in case he was armed.
Our driveway is gated so he must have a car parked there somewhere and sure enough the intruder climbed over the gate and jumped into a parked car just on the other side of it. Spotty danced around the car as he started it and I was desperate to rush up and shine my light on his license. I just managed to see the numbers before he roared off into the night. Trying to memorize what I had seen I called Spotty back to me and we headed back up my long driveway.

Back in the house I called the police and reported what I had seen and the numbers on the license plate. The police told me they would check it out. Before calling I had also checked the shop and found that he had not gotten inside but had left scrape marks around the door knob as he was trying to wedge it open with something.

Later after the excitement had died down and I was laying in bed, I had to count sheep to relax after all that commotion. However just as I started to doze off I heard the clock chime.

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