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Vintage Baseball Gloves

Vintage Baseball Gloves Akadema-Reach H1929 Hoboken Series Circa 1929 Babe Ruth Vintage Baseball Glove

Vintage Baseball Gloves for Sale.

Own a piece of baseballs past with these old vintage baseball gloves. The first baseball games were played without anything on their hands to soften the blow from the ball. The use of protective gloves came slowly and at first the gloves were small, which barely covered the hand while the finders were exposed.

Probably the players thought a glove would get in the way of catching the ball. Now the game isn't played anymore without the baseball glove and the ball can be caught without any problem while protecting the hand and finders from damage.

Most baseball gloves need to be used to break them in but the old vintage ones are already broken in and will fit nicely on the hand and will almost catch the balls for you. On this page you will find old vintage baseball gloves for sale including antique ones, history, catalog source book guide of vintage gloves, collector, manufactures, glove value and more.

A Tall Tale:
One day while cleaning I found a box. The box was filled with miscellaneous objects that didn't hold my interest until I pulled out a leather baseball glove. It was the older style with the fingertips missing. Figuring that these could be worth something I pulled them out and checked for them on ebay.

I could not find this type so don't know what they are worth. The best thing to do now is to keep them until I can find out what the value is and find someone that would like a nice antique glove in great condition.

Now the glove is put away in a safe place to show to friends that would be interested. I don't want to use it in case it reduces its value. On time I was showing it to a friend and he offered to pay $50.00 for it. However until I really know I need to wait until I can establish the price.

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A Lot More of Vintage Gloves for Sale

Antique Baseball Gloves

Vintage Baseball Gloves


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