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Barbie Knitting Patterns

Barbie Knitting Patterns Barbie Doll and Me: 45 Playful Matching Designs for Knitting

Barbie Knitting Patterns, Vintage and Modern.

When I was a kid one of my favorite dolls was the Barbie. I had Barbie, Ken and other similar dolls like Daniel Boone and his Indian friend in my collection.

Instead of playing house with the dolls I enjoyed sending them out on excursions out in the wilderness on their horses and having outdoor adventures.

The Mattel Toy Company produced Barbie in 1959. It is still popular today after 50 years. In the 1950's most dolls were baby dolls and it was hard for children to find an adult doll to play with. Ruth the wife of Elliot Handler the co-founder of Mattel noticed that her daughter liked to play as if her dolls were adults at times and that there weren't any adult dolls to fill the void.
Ruth suggested to her husband that Mattel make an adult doll but they were not interested. Ruth finally found an adult doll in Germany that looked exactly what she was thinking kids would enjoy playing with.

Ruth's husband took an interest and redesigned the doll and gave it the name of Barbie. And as everyone knows the doll became extremely popular.

Men need to always listen to their wives.

There are tons of store bought clothes made for Barbie but knitting your own outfit makes the gift more personal and you can get your children interested in the knitting craft by teaching them to knit clothes for their own dolls.

On this page you will find Barbie Knitting Patterns for Sale including pretty vintage Mattel fashion patterns and more. No free patterns here but should be on other pages.

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